Top 10 Micro Blogging Niche in India 2018 To Kick Start a Blogging Career

What do you mean by microblogging niche ideas? When we blog on a very specific topic, it is called micro niche blogging. Micro niche blogging is a very popular way to make money online. But the road is not that easy compared to a broad niche. If you plan to start a micro niche blog in India and give enough time to grow, then it will definitely be a success. But you have to do a very deep research with the topic before you start blogging. In this article, I will talk about such 10 topics in which one can look for microblogging niche.

micro blogging niche India

Why microblogging niche could be a hit in India

I think you know that only a few % people in our country are accessing the internet. That means the huge population of our country will access internet in next few years. Govt is also encouraging digitization of many of our age-old processes and spreading internet to the farthest corner of our country. In such a scenario the internet is the only way with which one will try to get as many information he/she needs. In that case, blogging could be utilized to make money online. And if you can start a micro niche blog specific to Indian traffic, it will give good return in long run.

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10 microblogging niches one can choose in India

Weight Loose Tips and Exercise

This is one of the best microblogging niches for any country. Losing weight is the biggest worry of our nation and many people wanted to lose weight at home by doing some yoga or exercise. You can start a blog sharing such tips to lose weight or suggesting exercise at home. Almost every day I can see a VIVES weight loose coupon offering the discount of more than 90% for losing 5 kg. This is simply telling how much response they are getting for this promotion.

Blogging on any celebrity

Do you know that who is the most searched celebrity in India last year? It’s Sunny Leone, followed by Mr. Modi and few more Bollywood celebrities. That means people are interested to read their activities much. Then why not start a blog on a celebrity life and follow him/her as a journalist. This could be the easiest to start microblogging niche as one can get information easily from many online sources. Simply use the “create alert” features of that celebrity in Google news and get the latest information regularly.

Insurance, the most searched personal finance topic

Insurance is the most searched topic in the case of the personal finance niche. Now Govt is also encouraging the awareness, one can easily say that in coming days many people will look for information related to insurance. In that case why not starting a micro niche blog for insurance policy review or insurance sector news in India or any other insurance gyaan.

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Specific financial product or scheme

Personal finance is a good blogging niche in India. As many people are not enough financially literate, there is always a scope to start a financial literacy blog. But starting a personal finance blog covering the entire personal finance niche requires huge knowledge. In that case you may choose a micro niche like mutual fund investment, trading tips, stock market tips etc. Besides this blog I have started a blog on Sukanya Samriddhi Account recently. I hope I will be able to make my plans work for this niche website 🙂

Online Job posting similar to

This niche may get saturate or there are many websites who are posting jobs. But if you take a look at those websites, you may find that mostly look like spam websites or copy-paste content website. Why not targeting a popular sector and publish jobs related to that sector only? While publishing we can provide many attractive features like resume updating, free email alerts, walk-in details etc. Not that easy, but need something unique to beat the competition.

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Language-specific movie review website

So many movies are releasing every Friday in various languages. Initially, I used to write Bengali movie reviews and believe me I have received a huge response for that. You can easily start a movie review website and attract many advertisers in the future. But remember you have to be very fast in this case as many professional people are already posting a movie review after watching the premiere itself.

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Technology blogging niche

Nothing to tell about this niche, this is the baap of all blogging niches. If you can start a blog on a specific technology e.g. iPhone guide or iPhone app or latest updates etc then you may really get a very good chance to make money online from your blog. You can check out how Harshe has created a microblogging niche website and earning money online.

Any sports topic (cricket, IPL, hockey, badminton etc )

In our country cricket is like a religion. Then why not start a blog on sharing cricking updates? Already I have noticed a couple blogs on IPL8, cricket world cup 2015. Even other sports are also getting shaped up and we can see many leagues are happening every year in India. Track your favorite sport and start blogging.

Automobile sector

Do you have any idea how many cars are launching every year in our country? India is a very good market for every segment of cars. In fact, I have started a micro niche auto website on my Honda Brio purchased last year. Do you have any such idea to start a microblogging niche to share your craze towards the auto sector?

Real estate

Real estate is a booming sector in India. If you can start a blog where one can find real-time news about upcoming gated communities in your city or upcoming developing areas of a city or any other counseling regarding buying a flat. This could be a very good move. Although there are big players like magic bricks, 99acres, maakan etc there are always scope to start a fresh blog with a unique idea. That is what you have to work on to start your first micro niche website.

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Criteria to choose the best microblogging niche

To choose a microblogging niche is not at all easy. As our target is to attract advertisers and earn money online in the long run. So the very fast thing you have to do is to look for the most searched keywords in India. Then look for the highest Adsense CPC keywords among them. Then choose a keyword which has good potential to drive traffic, less competition, enough potential to survive in the long run. But over everything you should be aware enough of that topic so that you can write at least weekly once regularly on that topic. Anyway know more about microblogging niche from a blogging expert here.

How to earn money from micro niche blog or website?

We all know that one can earn by blogging via third-party advertising websites. In that case, Google AdSense and affiliate marketing are most popular. Based on your niche Google AdSense is the best option, although there are many Adsense alternatives these days in India. As per your microblogging niche, you can attract many affiliate marketers as well. You can choose your blogging niche carefully and target those sectors to get the advertisement or promotional income. But remember this is a time taking process. One can’t guarantee whether earning is possible 100% or not.

I have shared this list of microblogging niche ideas as per my knowledge. I know there are more such topics to start a blog in India. This is not easy to create a successful micro-niche blog. I have tried with a couple of topics but failed due to less time and planning. If you have enough time and dedication towards a micro niche topic then you can definitely take your blog to next level and also able to make money online. Share your story of blogging here by writing a simple comment.

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  1. Please how can one balance CPC with competition? Most lucrative keywords are usually too competitive, what should I watch out for?

  2. Profiting through blogging requires a painstakingly thoroughly considered theme. In the event that you have a current website with a little gathering of people, be straightforward while considering whether the subject has a wide advance that isn’t as of now secured by other built up bloggers. In the event that it does, extraordinary! Something else, there’s nothing amiss with beginning a second blog that will be more fruitful in drawing in a group of people, advertising itself, and profiting through an assortment of strategies portrayed beneath.

  3. Magnificent article. BTW would I be able to begin a microblogging identified with some extraordinary road nourishment in my city (a couple roadside diners may not be known not at all ); this might be a smart thought .. do recommend . Much appreciated

    1. Sure, you can start micro niche site anytime in case you have the plan how to start and how to build and how to monetize. Because these kind of websites are mainly for making money. Health niche is one of the best niche for Google adsense and I am sure if you can plan properly then there will be a great chance of making good money. Share your progress with us also.

  4. I am confused about this blog world. Can you please guide me how to create blog where to create it, how it can be registered , where it will reflect…the whole system about it how it works in lay man language, through which websites I can start.(is there any blog making website, how you earn) . I have interest in sharing stories….seems lots of question.


  5. This is useful article for those who wants to work on Niche Blog. After this post surely, I will start work on niche blogs and try to earn few bugs from it.

  6. Hi Santanu

    I want to start a blog on Indian cricket team. Please suggest me weather it will be worthful or not.

    1. I think Cricket is a good blogging niche in India. You can start blogging in case you think you will be able to write articles regularly.

  7. Hi Sir,

    I want to start blogging on personal finance.
    Should I begin covering all topics like insurance,mutual funds,bank deposit,post office etc initially . Or stick to any specific topic???


    1. Its Great that you have planned to Start a blog in 2016. I would rather suggest you to stick to a specific topic. E.g. if you can write about insurance only, the you can make a good authority in coming days and also be able to attract advertisers of that sector. Right now in India, Insurance is the highest paying advertising sector. So, don’t wait just start. 🙂

  8. Hi, Santanu. What effect does moving my blog from blogger to WordPress have on SEO. I’m scared of making this move.

    1. I think this is very easy these days. Check out various helpful articles available online related to Blogger to WordPress migration. In fact you can hire someone to do the same, if you are not feeling ok.

  9. Great Article – very well written. I guess there is shift in blogging and networking world. Lot of sites have come up which provides money making opportunity like I recently heard about is sharing their revenue with users based on content view

    1. Thanks Sweta for finding the article useful. You are right, blogging is growing as a full time career option for many people these days.

    1. I think it is not easy to target a keyword for High CPC countries like USA, UK, Canada. Already many expert bloggers are running many micro niche websites on such keywords. But still if you can try with some unique way, targeting the long tail keywords then it would be profitable.
      Look for “high cpc keywords adsense” term in Google, you will get your answer. 🙂

  10. Hi Santanu,

    Wonderful article.. BTW can I start a micro blogging related to some great street food in my city (a few street side eateries may not be known to people at all ); this may be a good idea .. do suggest .. Thanks – Nitin

    1. Hi Nitin,

      I think this is a great idea to launch a blog. But, if your target is to make money, then you may find it tough to monetize this blog in future.
      But anyway, if you have some ideas how to monetize, then any micro niche topic would be great to start blogging.

      1. Well, you are right.. i did not think about the earning part !! Let me think through and connect back…

        Regards – Nitin

  11. Shanthanu, I really liked this article. I agree with you that one can be successful in earning money by creating niche subjects indicated by you. One has to to deep research before starting them, else they would waste their effort.

    1. When we blog for money, I think we have to take such risk although they may fail. Actually one have to target the correct niche linked with a affiliated product to make some serious money.

  12. Making money through blogging requires a carefully thought out topic. If you have an existing blog with a small audience, be honest when considering whether the topic has broad appeal that isn’t already covered by other established bloggers. If it does, great! Otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with starting a second blog that will be more successful in attracting an audience, marketing itself, and making money through a variety of methods described below.

    1. You are right Sapna,

      When you decide the topic of blogging you have to be very careful and do a thorough research about the keyword potential, how much search that topic will be able to generate in coming days etc. And more over how much command you can show with that topic in long learn, that is the most important key for micro niche blogging.

  13. Santanu, you have explained clearly about what is micro-blogging. Until i read this post I was not aware of micro blogging in India. Specific areas in which we have good knowledge, we can start a micro niche blog and then its a gunshot source of make money from home. But as you mentioned lot of hard work and patience is the key. Good post for beginners like me. Thanks mate, expecting more from you

    1. Thanks charan for liking my effort.

      I am also a beginner in blogging 🙂 . But learned a lot from many top bloggers in India. I have mentioned about Harshe, who actually got success with a micro niche blog. There might be many more. I am also following their tips, but yet get any success. But I believe that for India future is very good when we talk about micro niche blogging. Hard work , patience and learning will always be the key of success in blogging.

      Keep visiting for more articles…

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