10 Steps to Buy Health Insurance Policy Online {Info-Graphic}

Want to buy health insurance policy online? A Health Insurance Policy for you and your family is one of the major part of your investment planning. Gone are the days when you could hire some insurance agent and subscribe for a insurance policy. Now there are many companies offering various types of health insurance plans online. But to choose the best health insurance, you must first know the tips to buy health insurance in India or abroad. In this article we will discuss about the 10 vital steps to buy a Health Insurance Policy online.

Recently almost all the insurance companies have started selling policies online. You can easily surf the internet and read many reviews. There are also many online health insurance policy comparison sites where you can compare the health insurance plans first and then decide the best policy for your family. Then the final step is to buy that policy.

However, in India people are not that much comfortable with online transactions, specially in case of an insurance policy. But if you just have a look at the steps carefully, you can find out that it’s actually very simple and much flexible with more transparency in the procedure. Let’s check out the common steps that you have to follow to buy a health insurance policy online.

How to Buy Health Insurance Policy Online – Info graphic presentation

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Step 1: First of all visit the insurance company official website.

Step 2: Before start looking for the various health insurance policies, decide which type of insurance do you need individual health insurance or family floater.

Step 3: After deciding the policy, find out the suitable policies and start exploring the key features.

Step 4: Better to ope a website like BankBazaar or policybazaar and start looking for various health insurance plans online and compare their features.

Step 5: Before making decision, make sure you have read all the terms & conditions in detail so that you don’t have to be surprised later.

Step 6: If you are choosing a family floater plan, it is important for how many members you want to buy the policy. In case you want to add your parents or in-laws in your health insurance then check out the extra premium you have to pay and various other details.

Step 7: Then select the health insurance amount. Based on that amount your premium will be calculated. You might also compare premiums between all the policies.

Step 8: Then you have to register by providing your personal details and get user id and password. With that details you can further log in and fill up the complete form of your chosen health insurance policy and finally submit.

Step 9: Finally you will be in the payment processing screen, where you have to choose from net banking credit card/debit card etc options. Carefully select your option and proceed further with the payment completion. After completion of the payment you can see all details in confirmation screen.

Step 10: Next you have to undergo a medical test and submit the details to insurance company offline. You are done with the purchase.

After successful completion of all the steps, company will verify your details and finally they will courier you the documents to your address mentioned. So its very simple and more transparent from a buyer’s point of view. But one thing you should remember, you should not furnish any false details or hide any information which might create problem at the time of policy claim procedure.

However these are general steps to buy health insurance policy online, which might be different from company to company. But hope you could have an idea of how to buy health insurance online. So are buying health insurance for the first time? Which one are you planning to buy? Please feel free to share your experiences and tips in the comments below.

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  1. Affordability is a relative term. What you consider within your means depends largely on your household income. Yet, irrespective of the economic bracket, we all would like to take maximum advantage of a deal while shelling out the least amount of money from our pocket. This is a common customer approach. Therefore, we could say that the most optimum health insurance is also the most affordable health insurance.

    Just like in life insurance, there are several public sector and private sector general insurance companies that offer health insurance plans. Several plans are customised to act as umbrella covers over the entire family and offer protection from most medical adversaries. While deciding which insurance plan you would consider as affordable, do bear in mind that a low priced premium may provide a very basic cover, excluding important ailments. This means, that in a situation when you are hospitalised, the insurance company may reject your claim citing an exclusion in the policy. Thus, it is highly advisable that while selecting a plan do not base your decision on the premium alone. One must read the list of exclusions and coverages very carefully to make sure they are adequately covered. After all the purpose of buying a health insurance is lost if you are not able to use it when you need it.

    One needs to be careful while selecting a health insurance and compare the benefits too. To know more you can also visit http://www.creditsudhaar.com/blog/2016/01/14/tips-to-compare-medical-insurance-policies-2/

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