5 Best Countries to Study MBBS abroad for Indian Students

Study MBBS abroad

The issue of the low ratio of medical college seats in India to the number of aspirants is not new. It is understandable why Indian students are moving to other countries to get their MBBS degrees. There are not many prestigious colleges to get an MBBS degree from in the nation, which has been pushing aspirants to look for options in other countries.

Luckily, being forced to look at other countries for education is not a bad deal at all, as it opens up many opportunities to learn better. There are many specialization and advancement to many courses abroad that ours lack. They also come as an option for students to go away from home comfort and focus on getting the hard-earned degree that MBBS is. Are you too considering to fly overseas and become a doctor? Here are the 5 Best Countries to Study MBBS abroad.

1. Australia

If becoming a doctor is your passion, then Australia can provide you the fantastic opportunities to be one. There are numerous universities with arrangements to have international students join medical programs too. A student who wants to do MBBS from Australia goes through a rigorous process of a course first in nursing and then going on to get an MBBS degree. It is a brilliant way of getting students early to experience the basics that go on into becoming a doctor and then proceeding to the actual degree. Stronger foundations help students to become good future doctors.

2. China

Students from India are always finding their way into the best MBBS university in China. The incredible infrastructure, highly qualified teachers, and the authority that students with MBBS degree from China have on coming back to India is considered very strong. 

Hospitals in India are quick to have doctors with MBBS degree from China in their ranks. Some medical specialization courses are not available here but in Chinese universities.

Students also prefer to study MBBS in China for the reason that it is very close to India. Traveling becomes less hectic when considering MBBS in China, and as there are so many students from the country there, you will never feel out of place.

3. Philippines

Philippines is a brilliant option to study MBBS from for the students looking for cheaper education. Mind you; there is no compromise in the quality of education that the universities here provide. Apart from your degree, the vibrant environment, and beautiful places that this country have makes it worthwhile to be there for your education period.

4. UK

The UK has several prestigious universities that are worth investing in for your career as a doctor. To get admissions in these universities, you must clear the UKCAT exams. The institutions in the UK also provide a beneficial course of the foundation for MBBS programs that helps students get ready for their learning in further years. 

5. Russia

Russia has been producing top-quality doctors for years. The no compromise on the quality of teaching along with the various job opportunities that open up after getting a degree there makes the universities here worthy of recommendation. Courses in Russian universities are comparatively cheaper, and its student programs with India makes learning continent for students.It is a dream of many young people to go on to become doctors in the future. There is no reason to stop yourself from getting top-quality education by limiting yourself to the option of one country. These are some of the Best Countries to Study MBBS abroad for Indian Students. A course for a medical degree from these countries can set you on a successful career path.

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