With the shift in communication methods, more and more brands and businesses across the globe are embracing a rather integrated approach towards promotion and branding. Circumventing print media promotion and casting their marketing content on social media extensively has been a universal observation. This can be consequently because a wide segment of the world population consumes data online through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook or other online media-sharing portals like YouTube and TikTok. Thus, You can miss out on a hundred potential leads and prospects if you aren’t actively promoting your brand online yet. 

Courtesy the easy availability of promo video makers, digital marketing is no more rocket science. However,  it is quite a task to create and execute a flawless digital marketing strategy since the online ecosystem boasts over a million pieces of marketing content being published every single day. Marketing your presence in this diverse, cut-throat market demands for you to generate extra-ordinary content that does not portray anonymity in theme or format. To introduce diversity in your online content, you must maintain the perfect balance of sharing a variety of content formats ranging from images and videos to gifs and live images. 

The video editor helps you create intriguing promotional videos for your social media profiles and YouTube channel without putting in too much hard work. There are multiple advantages of video marketing. Since most people prefer watching videos on social media rather than reading a lengthy piece of text, you can promote your brand effectively and garner maximum audience engagement rate through video marketing. All you need to do is strategize your ad campaign and install a reliable video maker. Once your video maker is installed, you’ll instantly have access to a massive range of world-class templates, make sure to choose a template that resonates with your content format and theme. You can then simply add your product footage and description in the template and generate a professional-looking video in no time. 

We understand that creating your own promo video can be overwhelming if you’re running short on ideas for your ad campaign. Here are some extra-ordinary ideas that you can use while creating promo videos for your brand. 

Testimonial videos

Easily creatable on the promo video maker, testimonial videos are excellent promotional instruments to forge a strong relationship with your target audience and establish a credible identity on social media platforms. If you intend on creating a simple yet effective testimonial video, all you need to do is collect a couple of user-generated footage like a product review or a consumer-experience video and create a compilation video of these footages while simultaneously making sure that your video remains bleak in nature in order to stimulate customer affinity. User-generated content is an extremely popular form of content for brands to climb the pinnacle of success in the promotional sphere of their business since it instantly garners the trust of potential prospects and prevailing clientele. 

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos consist of a step-by-step guide for viewers to be able to make the best use of your product in a hassle-free manner. This marketing method promotes your brand while also retaining loyal customers. You can also provide meaningful insights into your business and establish a more personal relationship with your target audience. Add your raw footage on the timeline of the video editor and begin altering your video. You can also add transitions and animations in your video to increase its impact on the viewers. Make sure that your tutorial video is comprehensive and easy to understand. Add subtitles for increasing understandability. 

Influencer videos

Gaining exceeding popularity on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, influencer videos help in humanizing your brand. Since humans are programmed to buy their goods and services from another trust-worthy human being, it is possible that your brand may not do well if it does not have a spokesperson. Showcasing your affiliation with a well-known personality or organization can dynamically improve your online identity and foster the trust of your buyers and potential prospects. You can also create an intriguing outro for your influencer videos on the promo video editor. An outro is the end segment of your video that concludes the whole video with a compelling Call To Action like providing a link that navigates your viewers towards making a purchase or a link to another video. Adding an outro can drastically boost the convergence rate. 

Bite-size ads

Bite-size ads are petite promo videos that give your viewers a glace of your product along with the pricing listed below and a call to action at the end that persuade your viewers to know more. You must make sure that your promo videos are visually appealing so that social media users stop scrolling and notice your ad. These types of ads garner the most audience engagement rate on social media since they are short and encourage a low bounce rate. You can also run bite-size ads on Instagram stories to attract more traffic to your page.  

Long-form ads

Long-form ads are longer in duration and thus, can convey more information and forge stronger B2C communication. Although, it is tough to keep your audiences glued to your video for a long span of time. Thus, you must have a pre-established storyboard that promotes your brand through an intriguing story. Having a storyboard provides you a head-start at strategizing your ad video content. With the help of a promo video editor, you can amplify your user-selling points and showcase the features of your product in the creative form of a story. 

Thus, you can execute an extra-ordinary ad campaign for your brand by creating all types of promo videos and sharing them on your business’s social media profile. Make sure to use high-quality footage for your video and add compelling Call To Action to garner maximum audience engagement rate.