How to do Aadhar Card Correction Online

So you are searching for how to get Aadhar card correction online or how to correct Aadhar card mistakes? Then this article is specifically written for you. There might be corrections required like mobile no, name and address change in Aadhar card online, after it has been printed. If in case you want to make corrections in the same, here are the steps you must follow get it done!

It is indeed very easy to apply for Aadhar card correction online. First of all, you need to have a verified and registered mobile number so that the OTP verification process can be carried out for the correction process. If in case you do not have it registered, there is no option to correct the mistake online. So if you want to get your Aadhar card correction without registered mobile number, you will have to do it by post only.

How to do Aadhar card correction online

  1. You need to visit the link: and from here, select the option which reads ‘Update Aadhar Data’. This will then direct you to a different page. You can see the below screenshot.
Online Aadhar Card Correction process
  1. Once the option has been selected, you will then be taken to the page which will look like below:

how to correct aadhar card mistakes

Here, you can choose the relevant ‘Click here’ option in order to be directed to the next page, where you will need to follow certain given instructions.

How to do Aadhar Card Correction Online

  1. Aadhar card correction without OTP is not possible online. So you will then have to enter the necessary details, that is the Aadhar Card number and then after receiving the OTP on the registered number, you will have to enter it in the box given.

The next step, the Data update request will have you to tick mark the changes that are to be made. You need to select from the options, as per the changes required.

  1. Then, you will be asked to update the information in the modify option, where you will have to make the necessary changes. After having done that, simply click on ‘Modify’.
  1. The next step requires you to upload the documents required for Aadhar card correction that shall support the changes you wish to make in the Card.
  1. The last step will ask you to make a selection from a list of processing agencies, which are designated by UIDAI for processing data. You can select the agency you wish to choose depending upon their performance and track record.

After having requested for a Uniform Request Number (URN), you shall be informed about the same through SMS.

To check aadhar card status online, you can visit the link:

So these are the steps for Aadhar card correction process online. Now, it is only a matter of time that you will be able to get for yourself an updated card depending upon the request you have made. However, these steps are simple and easy to follow. If done rightly, there is a chance of having things done sooner and lessen the wait for having a correct Aadhar Card for yourself.

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