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Hope you already know about the various types of income tax returns & how to file tax return online for free.

Today we will discuss few most important income tax return FAQs that will help you in the process of filing income tax return.

So lets find out the income tax return filing FAQs below.

Income Tax Return FAQs

Q. Where to find the income tax return forms?

You can download the forms from the site

Q. How to contact income tax department?

A. You can directly contact to the toll free numbers of IT dept regarding all general queries: 1800 180 1961/1961 (central processing centre income tax department), your IT refund status: 18004252229, efiling of income tax return: 1800 4250 0025. You can also communicate them via email.

Q. Who is an Assessing officer?

A. An Assessing officer is the person, who will assess your income tax return.

Q. How to check income tax return status online?

A. It’s very simple indeed. Visit the website and provide your PAN number and assessment year and go ahead.

Q. In case address change income tax return where will be send?

A. In that case, your income tax refund cheque will return back to IT department. In such case you have to contact IT dept, CPC Bengaluru.

Q. What if I file tax return late after due date?

A. In such case you will get your refund amount, but you will lose your interest amount accumulated on your refund amount so far.

Q. IT return status shows “Unable to credit refund as the account number provided by you is incorrect”.

A. You might have updated your bank account details wrongly. Immediately contact IT dept. via the details provided in the question no. 2.

Q. What does “Your assessing officer has not sent this refund to Refund Banker” means?

A. This type of issue happens due to manual IT return submission. There might be several reasons for this case, but as per the message generally you can understand that, your IT return application is not yet assessed by your assessing officer. You can carry your IT return filling copy and visit to that address mentioned in that and directly contact them.

Q. When is the earliest I can get my tax refund?

A. There is no such timeline mentioned anywhere. For an idle case, if all your information is correct, you might get your IT return cheque in 10 – 15 days. Otherwise depending on many cases it might take more time. You can check your IT return status regularly and based on that communicate to IT dept.

Q. In case I am not in India, who need not file income tax return in India?

A. You can always use the online e filling service providers like ClearTax and file your return simply by uploading your form16. Otherwise you can authorize any of your Friend with a power of Attorney to file your return. He or she can file your return with the copy of the attorney attached.

Q. What is RTI act in India and how can I use RTI for IT returns to clarify my doubts?

A. RTI means Right to Information. This is a public forum where Govt has provided everyone the power to ask about anything related to govt office processes. As per Supreme Court article 19(1) “Right to Information is a part of Right to Speech & Expression”.

In case, if you feel you are not getting any information regarding your IT return status, you can simply file your RTI application online by visiting the website.

These are few income tax return filing faqs that triggered in my mind while efiling of income tax return. I have shared them so that people can find the answers. Kindly correct me if any of the answer is wrong or anything got changed in IT return process. Your valuable comment will be highly appreciable.

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  1. Hi Santanu,

    I am working as a teacher. I filled my ITR and when I check the status it is showing the following statements.
    “Your assessing officer has not sent this refund to Refund Banker”
    “If this refund has been sent by your Assessing Officer within the last week, you may wait for a week and again check status.”

    I have my form-16 which is filled manually by my Tax deductor. I have not forwarded my Form-16 along with ITR form. Do I need to send the filled Form-16 along with ITR.

    Please help.


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