The AC is freezing up! How to fix it? Here is your answer

Every summer leads up to that one sweet moment where you can turn the air conditioner on with no guilt. But what if, when you go to turn it on, you find it frozen?

An air conditioner is the kind of appliance that requires regular care and maintenance. This is because; there are so many things that could go wrong with the machine. It could not turn on, it could be leaking water or in this situation, it’s iced up.

Hence, to help you out, we have here a brief guide on what causes the air conditioner to freeze up and what to do when it does.

Causes for the AC to freeze up

Air flow

A constant flow of air is essential for the normal functioning of an air conditioner. The air flow ensures that humidity does not cover the coils. This is because, if humidity settles on the coil, they freeze up. Air filters regulate the air flow. Thus, regular maintenance and replacing is a priority.


A slight change in the functioning of one of the parts of the air conditioner means that the refrigerant could leak. Damage or clogging can cause a change in the pressure inside the appliance. Drop-in pressure means that the refrigerant will expand and become too cold. As the refrigerant regulates the temperature of the air conditioner, it can also cause the AC unit to freeze up.

AC coils

The coils, due to their structure, often have ice get stuck on them. If this is not cleaned out often, then the ice deposits could turn into massive blockages. The AC freezes up because the layer of debris on the coil prevents them from absorbing the water/ AC coils also freeze up when the drip pan is full and the condensation droplets have no way of being drained.

Blower Fan

The function of a blower fan is to guide the cold air to its right place and the warm air to the outside. The airflow and pressure in the air conditioner is highly dependent on the functioning of this fan. If the blower fan is damaged or broken, there are significant changes that take place. Condensation will build up on the coils, causing the AC coils to freeze up.


Air conditioners are built to function in certain optimum temperatures only. When the temperature outside moves below this threshold, the air conditioner freezes up. If the temperature outside drops, the pressure in the AC unit will also drop causing the unit to freeze up.

Mechanical challenges

Certain issues with the part of the appliance, such as clogging or damage, could easily result in the air conditioner freezing up. These should be regularly checked and repaired accordingly.

How To Fix AC Freezing Up Problem?

  • Take a good look at the air filters as they often need replacing. Replacing the air filters within the required time will save you a lot of trouble. Be more thorough with this in the summer as they tend to get damaged more often.
  • Cleaning the evaporator coil will save the AC from freezing up. Use a small brush to clean away all the dirt, dust and debris that has collected over time.
  • The refrigerant is a coolant and must be topped up every once in a while. As the refrigerant controls the temperature of the air conditioner, ensure to do this in regular and sufficient intervals.
  • When having an air conditioner installed, make sure to also have a thermostat installed as well. The thermostat will help you keep an eye on the temperature levels so that you can prevent the air conditioner from freezing up.

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Hiring Professionals

Personal experience and online guides can help you try and fix your air conditioner but who better than a trusted professional to get the job done.

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Their quality service consists of cleaning, installation, maintenance and repair among other things. Easy Interior AC Services allows everyone to experience top-notch care for their air conditioners.

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FAQs Related To AC freezing up

Why is my AC coil freezing up?

There are several reasons due to which your Acc oil could freeze up. Some of them include low coolant level or a fault in the thermostat or a malfunctioning fan.

How to detect an iced up AC?

The presence of visible ice implies that an air conditioner is freezing up. The ice could be outside the appliance or else in the inside panel.

How to prevent my AC from freezing up?

Regular maintenance and checks can help prevent the AC from freezing up. Make sure to inspect the coolant level, the air filter and coils thoroughly.

How long does it take to thaw an iced up AC?

Ideally, it will take a whole day, which is 24 hours to thaw. Ensure to turn the circuit breaker off and leave it to thaw on its own.

How to thaw an iced up AC faster?

Apart from leaving it for 24 hours, you can use a hairdryer on a low setting or lukewarm water to enhance the process of thawing.

What is the temperature threshold at which the AC will freeze up?

What causes the air conditioner to freeze up is when the temperature outside reaches 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 15 degrees Celsius.

Final Words

Here is a simple but efficient guide on how to fix an air conditioner that is freezing up. From causes to professional help, this is your guide. Easy Interior AC Services’ immediate and thorough response to help will let you have a cool summer.