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Welcome to MDLT advertising solution.

We are an upcoming & growing site in India. Most of our articles are based out of personal finance related stuff, Every day life problem solving how to guides, Online tips & tricks.

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Guidelines For Advertising on MydailyLifeTips.Com:

  • The ads should not contain any nudity or any other 18+ content.
  • The ads can be in any format including PNG, JPEG, GIF and HTML.
  • 35KB is the maximum size for the image or HTML ad being displayed here.

Sponsored Reviews:

  • We accept sponsored as well. Like product reviews, how to guide or special promotional campaign and publish with nofollow links to relavent pages. Please write a mail to us if you are interested to promote your product or promotional campaign using our website.

Advertising Guidelines

When you buy an ad-space in our website, you have to follow few simple guidelines to make things clear.

  • A clear image have to provide with the target link. We will create a similar image link now showing in our website.
  • Image quality has to be very good and we will provide a nofollow link to the target page
  • Payment is accepted via bank transfer or paypal in case of international payment.
  • Discounts available in case of purchase of ad-space for more than 1 month.

If you interested, then feel free to contact us. 🙂

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  1. Guide to grocery shopping

    Grocery shopping can be tedious for the number of things that is required. Vegetables, fruits, home essentials, spices and the list is endless. And so the bills become longer while time invested increases. Sometimes you buy too much of one thing and forget to buy another. We get it!
    So here is a guide to simplify your shopping and make it lighter on your pocket too.

    1. Do an audit – At the end of every month, check your grocery cupboards and make a list of things you require. Slash down the ones which your family aren’t fond of. Things which you use on a daily basis like rice, wheat flour, lentils can be on a higher side, it doesn’t perish. Vegetables and fruits needs more thought here. Buy enough to take you for a week to ten days. You don’t want to waste.

    2. Shop alone – Once you have your list in place, go ahead to shop. I suggest shopping alone since you know what is required. Your spouse can down size the list while your kids can make it longer! If you don’t like to shop alone, choose smart.

    3. Buy in bulk – Buying in bulk always saves money but consider this only for non-perishable items.

    4. Hot deals – Good deals don’t come often. Take advantage of them.

    5. Cut down impulse buys – While you go to grocery store to buy milk, bread and produce, stay away from the rest of the sections. When you don’t see, you don’t buy.

    6. Shopping online – If shopping groceries online is your thing, go to the categories only which has your requirement. Browsing around the website is going make your bill longer.
    Make grocery shopping fun and easy like you shop your sandals!

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