Aegon Religare’s iSpouse – A Joint Life Term Insurance Policy

Aegon Religare’s iSpouse is the latest addition in the kitty of joint life term insurance plan in India. Like a typical online term insurance plan, with Aegon Religare’s iSpouse you can buy insurance for both the partners. No need to buy 2 separate policies. Not only that, Aegon Religare’s iSpouse policy also provide a monthly income option in case of death of any of the partner or both as per terms. 

Aegon Religare’s iSpouse key benefits & features

Aegon Religare’s iSpouse is a typical term insurance policy with joint subscription facility. The benefits and features are almost similar to any other term insurance policy. Check out few of the key features of Aegon Religare’s iSpouse policy.

  • In case of death of any one of the partner within the policy term, the sum assured value will be paid immediately. 
  • Besides that 1.75% of sum assured value will be paid on monthly basis as income option for next 60 months.
  • In case of accidental death of any one of the partner, 50% of sum assured value will be provided to other partner with a maximum cap of 100 lakh.
  • You can get extra AEGON Religare WoP on CI Joint Life Rider, under which 4 critical illness conditions are covered. They are Cancer, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, Heart Attack and Stroke. 
  • There is no maturity benefit and surrender benefit as per typical online term plan rules.
  • On diagnosis of any terminal illness of any of the partner, 25% of the sum assured value will be paid immediately (maximum 100 lakh) to the policy holders for continuing the treatment.
  • The premiums paid for this policy will be exempted for income tax  under Section 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Aegon Religare’s iSpouse Eligibility conditions

Aegon Religare’s iSpouse review eligibility premium calculator

so, if you are planning to buy Aegon Religare’s iSpouse online then calculate the exact premium amount by using Aegon Religare’s iSpouse premium calculator available on Aegon Religare’s official website. Share more about your experience with joint life term insurance plans.

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