How to Apply Online Voter ID Card in Delhi in 2018

Indian voter ID card online registration is not a tough process. But how to apply online voter ID card and what details you need to know for that? Read on to find the complete details regarding new voter ID card form, submission process and how to check election card status online. India is considered to be among the youngest nation and with a 550 million youth, of which 200 million are registered electorates, the numbers are expected to expand over the time.

It is therefore of prime importance that the youth, or for that matter all the citizens of India are well aware about the functioning and procedure for applying voter ID card online. In the current times, when everything has taken to online forums, application for a voter ID card in Delhi can as well be done online by following the processes which have been stated below.

How to apply online voter ID card in Delhi

Here I have listed few simple steps for new voter ID card registration process. Just follow them, in order to successfully get a election card for yourself.

1. For applying for a voter ID card online, you will need to create a login by signing up on Chief Electoral Officer’s official website. To do that you will need to provide necessary details and proceed with the instructions.

2. Once you have created an account for yourself, you need to login with the ID and password as provided during the process of creation. Visit the following link in order to proceed:

3. Next you will need to upload all the soft copies of the required documents on the site as well as a photograph as per the requirement of the application form.

4. After having done that all, the concerned area’s booth level officer will make a visit at your residence to confirm that it is actually you residing at the mentioned address in the form 6 of voter id card and other verification are also done.

5. Once the application has been accepted, you will now be included in the Electoral roll.

6. The voter identity card for those who have applied for the first time, will then be made available to them at the nearest ERO/ EPIC office.

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And your online voter id card registration process will then come to an end once you collect your election identity card from the aforementioned office. It is now your duty as an individual to preserve the voter ID and cast your vote whenever you are supposed to. As a responsible citizen it is your duty to cast your vote and take part in the democratic functioning of the Indian government.

So now you know how to apply online voter ID card in Delhi. The process is more or less similar in other cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Haryana, Mumbai etc. Please feel free to share your experience of new voter ID card registration process, if you have any. Also share this article with your friends and family who might want to get a voter identity card online.

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