13 Ways To Pay Axis Bank Credit Card Bill (Online & Offline)

Are you holding an Axis bank credit card? Then I am sure you might be interested to know how to pay your Axis bank credit card bill online or offline. In this article, I am going to share different ways to pay Axis bank credit card bill. It is always good to pay your credit card bill within the due date. Otherwise, you may hurt your Cibil score.

Few of the popular ways of paying Axis bank credit card payment options are:

  • Online: Internet banking, Payment Gateways, Mobile app, SMS, IMPS/NEFT, Other bank internet banking, Visa Money Transfer, NACH
  • Offline: Cash, Cheque/Draft, ATM, Auto Debit

Axis bank offers a couple of credit cards like Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card, MY Zone Credit Card, Neo Credit Card, Instant Neo Credit Card, Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card, Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card etc.

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Ways To Pay Your Axis Bank Credit Card Online

1. Axis Bank Internet Banking (Registered Credit Card)

This is the best way one can have. But for that, you must have Axis bank savings account first. Use your Axis bank net banking credentials and login to your Axis bank account online. You will find your credit card details linked with your customer ID. So, simply follow the below steps and pay your credit card bill using your Axis bank savings account.

  • Log on to Axis Bank Internet Banking
  • Go to Credit Card>Balance and payments
  • Select the Credit Card number
  • Select the Account to be debited
  • You can either pay the complete credit card due or minimum amount balance.
  • Finally, click “Submit” & complete the transaction.

2. Axis Bank Internet Banking (Non-Registered Credit Card)

In case you have more than one Axis bank credit card and you have not linked them with your net banking account, then you can follow the below steps to pay your credit card bill using your Axis bank net banking account.

Add your credit card as a biller in your account:

  • Log on to Axis Bank Internet Banking
  • Go to Accounts > Pay Bill Option
  • Add New Biller and register to select Category “Credit Cards” and select the biller “Axis Bank Credit Card – Directpay”
  • Next, enter your Credit card no. and name & click on the Fetch button to verify the Cardholder name
  • You will get an SMS with Axis bank Net Secure Code. PRovide that code and validate your transaction.
  • After successful verification, your credit card will be added as a biller in your account.
  • Next, choose the biller and pay the credit card pending amount.

3. Repetitive Payment Via Axis Bank Net Banking

You can also set up a repetitive payment using Axis bank net banking. As I have shared about how to add your Axis bank credit card as a biller, after that you can choose to pay either by one-time payment or repetitive payment. Just follow the steps and choose the process.

  • Log on to Axis Bank Internet Banking
  • Go to Accounts > Pay Bill Option
  • In”Direct Pay” option select the active Registered Biller and Click on “Pay Now”. Choose the 2nd option:-Repetitive Payment.
  • Choose the frequency of the payment from Weekly or Monthly or Annual payment etc. You have to mention an amount also so that the funds will debit from your account on a repetitive schedule basis on a particular day as per the number of payments mentioned in the field.

4. National Automated Clearing House (NACH)

You can also use the NACH facility or National Automated Clearing House to transfer money from your Axis bank savings account to credit card automatically. To do that, you have to download the NACH form using Axis bank website and then fill the details properly.

Using this way you can also pay your Axis bank credit card bill from any other bank account also. You have to mention the bank details clearly and then submit to the bank.

5. Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) / National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)

This is one of the most commonly used ways to execute any kind of transactions. To start this type of transaction, first of all, you have to add the beneficiary name in your bank account. To add your Axis bank credit card as beneficiary, you have to provide the below information.

Beneficiary Name Name as on Credit Card
Beneficiary Bank Name Axis Bank
Beneficiary Branch Name Mumbai
Beneficiary Account Number Your 16 digit Credit Card number
IFSC Code UTIB0000400

Now if you want to transfer money instantly, then use IMPS service. Otherwise, NEFT will take 1 day to clear the amount. NEFT has its own payment window.

NEFT/RTGS/IMPS Charges, Timings, Limits

Transaction Timings NEFT RTGS IMPS
Monday to Saturday
(Except 2nd and 4th Saturday)
8:00 AM
to 6:30 PM
8:00 AM
to 4:30 PM

6. Visa Money Transfer

This is another option, but I don’t find it a much useful thought. You can use your Axis bank Net Banking facility or your Visa Debit Card to make your payment. The amount of clearance time mentioned is 2 days.

7. Using Payment Gateway Service (Pay Online using Other Bank Accounts)

You can also use the BillDesk payment gateway service and use your Axis bank debit card or any other bank debit card to pay Axis bank credit card bill. You can also use other credit cards to pay your Axis bank credit card. It may take max 3 days time to reflex the transactions.

8. Mobile Payment

You can download the Axis bank mobile app and use their mobile service to pay the credit card bill. Download the application – SMS MBANK to 5676782 (for Android, iPhones, Blackberry and Java Phones) To know more click here.

You have to use the same mobile number with which you have registered for Axis bank net banking. Follow the steps to pay your credit card dues using Axis bank mobile app.

  • Log in to your Mobile Payments and from the account area click on the credit card number.
  • Then click on the pay last credit card bill.
  • Enter the due amount and proceed further.
  • You will get a screen to provide the mobile PIN. Authenticate the transaction and complete the transaction.
  • Your credit card amount will be paid from your savings account on the same day itself.

9. Payment through SMS :

If you want more convenient option then you can use Axis bank SMS banking service. Just follow the below steps to send SMS and pay your credit card due amount.

SMS:- CCP Last 6 Digit of your Axis Bank Saving/Current Account No. Payment Amount Last 4 Digit of Credit Card No. e.g. – CCP 491525 50 2958 and send it to 5676782.

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Make sure you are sending SMS from your Axis bank registered mobile number and your Axis bank savings account have enough balance to clear the transaction. This facility can be used to make payments of Rs.5000 & below. Daily limit of SMS based transaction will be Rs.5000 for Credit Card bill payment.

Options To Pay Your Axis Bank Credit Card Offline

10. Cheque/Draft

This is one of the oldest ways to pay any kind of payment from your bank account. You just have to issue a cheque or apply for a demand draft in favour of “Axis Bank Card No. (16-digit Credit Card Number)” and drop the cheque at any Axis Bank Branch.

Please ensure that:

  • The cheque is dropped in at least 5 days before your due date.
  • The cheque is drawn on a local bank.
  • The cheque is not post-dated.
  • Axis bank cheque clearance time is 1 day. If you give any other bank cheque then it may take more than 3 days also.

11. Cash Payment

This is the simplest way to clear your credit card dues. Simply visit your nearest Axis bank branch and pay your credit card bill in cash. In case the amount is high, you can use your Axis bank debit also. Remember, you have to pay an additional service charge of Rs 100 per payment for cash transactions.

12. Auto Debit

Use your Axis Bank DEBIT card for this auto debit facility. The amount will be automatically deducted from your Axis bank savings account to your credit card every month on a particular date. This is the best way, as you can easily avoid forgetting the credit card bill payment due date & also the late payment charges.

All you need to do is to fill in the Auto-debit form and send it to the below address. In case you need any assistance with issuing standing instructions, please call our Customer Service at 1860 419 5555 & 1860 500 5555.

Credit Card Customer Service
Axis Bank Ltd, NPC 1,
5th floor,”Gigaplex”,Plot No. I.T.5,
MIDC,Airoli Knowledge park,Airoli,
Navi Mumbai-400 708

Fax: 022-71315270
E-mail ID: Creditcards@axisbank.com

13. Pay at ATMs

Yes, you can visit your nearest Axis Bank ATM and pay your credit card bill. Simply insert your ATM card and select services option. From that choose Bill Payment option within other services. Then enter your Credit Card number twice and validate the details first. Then you can see the details like credit card minimum due amount, the total amount due etc. Next, enter the amount you want to pay and complete the transaction.

So, these are the 13 different ways to pay your Axis bank credit card bill. You can choose from either online or offline ways to clear your credit card dues. The best way is by paying through net banking or setting up an auto-pay option. You can also share your favorite ways of making Axis bank credit card payment by writing a comment below.

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