5 Best Jobs For Housewives Sitting At Home in India (Freelance Jobs, Work From Home)

Looking for an online job for housewife without investment? Then you are in the right place as I am going to share some of the best housewife income ideas that will surely help you to make money online in 2019. In this article, I will share about online home based jobs for housewives or best freelance jobs for housewife which can change your life completely while working from home.

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities & part-time jobs available for housewives without investment these days and that happened due to the revolution of the internet boom. In this article, I have listed out the most popular work from home jobs ideas for a housewife at home.

How To Earn Money At Home For Housewife in India

You might have read my previous article about best home based business ideas for housewives and found that useful. However, in today’s article, I will share the best opportunities for home-based jobs for housewives than starting your own business.

Freelancing is not so popular in India so far, but do you know in countries like the USA, the UK many people are living their life simply with internet part-time jobs from home? Freelancing can give you the huge freedom to control everything in your life. But in countries like India, this is not so easy for everyone.

But I believe housewives have an advantage in this case.

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Many educated and well-settled women are forced to leave their jobs in our country to live up the responsibilities of the family. And I believe there is no other alternative for them as well. In that case, many women get frustrated as they lost hope to continue their career.

But in the age of the internet, I think this is a huge plus point that you can manage your family and work-life equally well while working from home. And believe me, only women can do this in our society if they want. 🙂

How can a housewife earn money sitting at home?

Let us see some of the best freelance jobs online for housewives or homemakers.

1. Article / Content writing jobs from home

If you can share useful articles, news or write quality content then why not write for popular websites and blogs? Freelance writing is gaining huge popularity and it is very easy to manage this as well. It is one of the best jobs for housewives sitting at home.

E.g. if you are paid for Rs 100 – 200 / per article and if you can write 30 articles in a month, then you could make Rs 6000. The data I have shared may suite for low traffic blogs. If you can beg a project from a big website, then definitely you will be paid better.

If you don’t know how to write articles and make money, then you can search for similar career courses for housewives online and easily learn the same. Generally, I prefer to visit UDEMY.COM for cheap online courses shared by many experts.

2. Social media analyst jobs from home

One of the recent jobs for housewife without investment is of a Social Media Analyst. If you are aware of how social media works for promoting a brand (E.g. Facebook marketing) and making content viral then you have hit the jackpot. You can work as a social media analyst from home and work for big brands and help them to promote their products online.

3. Logo design jobs from home

You might be a PHP developer or creative designer of some company. But right now you are not working. Then why not find out some web designing & logo designing jobs online? These are good part-time jobs for housewives at home.

You can easily collaborate with any big company and provide the necessary support to them and get paid for the freelance service. Also, there are many marketplaces online where you can register for freelance web logo design and earn good money.

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4. SEO part-time jobs from home

If you have good knowledge of search engine optimization or SEO, then the digital marketing world is simply a huge ocean fr work and make money. You can find many SEO consulting jobs from small-scale business or website owners where you can take up such projects and make money.

5. Freelance blogging jobs

Yes, this is the best easiest and highest paid jobs for homemakers & moms on the Internet in the current time. Simply start a blog on WordPress and start sharing your experiences and grow the blog over the period of time. Make sure you are sharing some genuine experience to grow your website in that area. Blogging is no more a part-time job in India, in fact, it has become a full-time career option for many young people. Choose either a micro niche or multi-niche, as per your preference. But it is very difficult to manage a multi-niche blog, compared to a micro-niche blog. You will also find many bloggers offering freelance blogging jobs so that you can work for them and get paid.


There are many other online home based jobs for housewives. If you are determined to get something, then this is not at all impossible. Either find out some freelance job or start your own business from home easily. E.g. start a beauty parlor or run a creche for kids at home.

If you are passionate enough and have any of these hot skills, you can easily start offering your freelance services. Otherwise, you will definitely find a lot of work form jobs from these sectors nowadays and make huge income just sitting at home only.