6 Future Business Ideas 2020 in India (With Little Money)

If ‘Be Your own boss is the phrase your heart keeps on whispering to your ears all day, then you need to read this article. India is booming with the startups and ideas after the new government ventures like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Startup India’ but what lacks in this country is the easy flow of capital.

Even the greatest ideas sometimes take long years to boom due to the insufficiency of capital to invest in the idea. But this article is about those businesses which you can start from an amount which can be saved from regular expenses as well. So, here are 6 business ideas which have the potential to earn a great income with a little amount of investment:

1. Starting a Tea Shop in India 

It isn’t hard to figure that every area, locality, and the city has its own taste of tea. All you need for this business to be successful is to offer the locally preferred taste. Another area which you can cater to in this field is “delivery”.

Most officegoers prefer traditionally boiled tea rather than a dip, and if you can deliver the fresh tea with quality assurance, you can become an instant hit.

If you are thinking why a tea stall tops this list of business ideas, then you need to know about ‘Yewle Tea House in Pune’, which makes a whopping 12 lakhs in a month now, after few years of its operation. Indians love tea, and we all know this, but not all roadside tea stall serves the quality that people love.

Thus, if you can get that quality in your tea and have variety as well, your tea stall can be next Yewle Tea House. You can start it from your home or use your car, so no additional expense required for renting a property.

How much does it cost to start a tea shop?

Start with the primary tea which your mums make at home and once people get attracted to it, they will only bring in new customers. The investment will vary as per your expectations. But with the initial few thousands of money, one can easily set up such a business.

2. Start A Online Bakery Business From Home (Online Cake Delivery Shop)

Obviously, you need a little bit of investment in this venture. But the fact that this is going to be an on-demand activity, there is not much worry about stocking ingredients. So, if there is an investment you need in advance is on an oven for baking, that too if your cakes require any of it.

You can start a virtual cake shop where, on-demand, you can get people their favorite cake against a little commission or delivery charges, or you can also bake the cake yourself and sell them online.

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All you would need to start the business is a baker who knows the art of baking delicious cakes, and if you are one, then you benefit by saving the money which you would require to pay the baker. Moreover, you can start this business from your home and kitchen.

3. Start a small fast food business in India

This is a rather underserved area, especially if your locality is dominated by college students and working professionals. This is one population which is always on the lookout for homely food with reliable quality.

If you have a knack of cooking, why don’t you cook a little more of your favorite food and sell it to the people who work late nights and have late-night cravings for food when all reasonable and good food joints are closed?

Again, this business can be started from home, and as your customer base grows, you can invest more in your business to expand it.

4. Start a tailoring shop in India

This is also a small investment. However, it is easy to find customers if you happen to be located near a clothes market or shop. In any case, you may develop contacts at these places to receive work as it comes. Once again maximum you need to invest is on a machine to do the job and few smaller hand tools.

If you are someone fascinated with clothing and designs but not finding the right place to showcase your talent, take up those big scissors in your own hand and start cutting the cloth pieces to make your own designs.

This business too can be started from your couch at home, and if your designs can make a cut in the market, you are all set to go and invade it.

5. Become An Insurance Agent

Becoming a life insurance agent is another avenue which you can explore, without the need to invest large capital. Moreover, by becoming a life insurance agent, you can enjoy an income level that is well above the average and get the flexibility and freedom that most other professions do not give.

However, to become a successful life insurance agent, you should dedicate your time to gaining the proper credentials. How to become an insurance agent?

You must be a graduate to be eligible to become an insurance agent and pass the exam conducted by IRDA. To get the license to sell life and health insurance plans, you must complete pre-licensing courses and quality state examinations.

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Starting your own agency is, perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to start your business. The license is the only expense you may need to incur. However, many life insurers help for the exam as well, including the training.

6. Starting a wedding coordinator business

Weddings are very important in India, and with the trend, of destination weddings and pre-wedding photo-shoots, increasing, you could get your dig in this.

If you are a good photographer and have a friend who knows about Indian rituals and food, you could become a wedding supervisor, managing the whole event. This might work for you as you would hardly need a huge capital to start this business.

So, if you have the motivation and determination to be your own boss, you need to hone your entrepreneurship skills and be ready for a roller coaster ride as these ideas may be very simple and require less capital, but the amount of hard work needed to make them flourish is huge.