Top 5 Best Cheap Travel Booking Sites: Best Flight Deals

Are a frequent traveller? Then this list of Top 5 Best Cheap Travel Booking Sites will come as handy for you.

With this jet speed lifestyle, many a times, you may need to change your flight in the eleventh hour or book flights in bulk. So you might definitely like to save a few bucks on your international & domestic travel plan by flight.

Today we will discuss such few best cheap travel booking sites which will offer you best flight deals in terms of cost & flexibility.

Best Flight Deals

1. Hipmunk

Hipmunk is one of the Best Cheap Travel Booking Sites. It is also among the first sites who made flight search easier. You can compare flights against one another & sort them by cost.  The site is also very easy to use. They are on a continuous process to make the experience better by incorporating hotel deals. You also have the option to add fare alerts so that you don’t miss a single price drop.

2. Momondo

Mondo is an international flight booking site that helps you to get best flight deals. You can find your flights in 3 different options as Cheapest, Quickest & Best. Also modifying your trip duration one or two day can actually cut down on the cost. It gives you an unique opportunity to mix & match the airlines to get the best possible flight combination.

3. Google Flights

Google Flights is a great option to search best flight deals. After buying flight software ITA, Google has come up with their own flight search. Google Flights works best on domestic flights in the USA.

Although it may not include all airlines in the search results, but it always tries give most affordable air tickets for your domestic & international flights.  You can drag and drop your route to another location with the help of its map view & see the change in price details. The bar graph view shows how fares change over time.

4. Yapta

Sometimes it is very frustrating when some sale starts on the flight ticket just after you purchase the same. Yapta is a unique site that promise you to give you a refund equal to the discount.

Though Yapta wants to refund your money for each airlines possible, but it definitely depends on the terms & conditions of that particular air company.

5. Skyscanner

Skyscanner also scores high in the list of best travel booking websites. It is very simple to use.  Skyscanner also helps you to find other deals like rental cars, hotels near to your travel plans, along with searching for cheap air ticket. It tries to help you to find the most cheap flight tickets in India & abroad.

Hope this list of top travel websites in the world will help you to choose the best flight for your travel destination. Put a comment below if you want to add any other flight booking websites to this list.

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