5 Best Dating Websites in India for 2020 (Online Dating Sites)

Searching for the best dating sites in India? Dating is common among all countries today. It is not only common in India but also all over the world. Generally, a man and woman go for dating just to know about each other. Gone are the days when a boy and a girl used to meet each other and go on about their life.

As now with the help of advanced technologies, this can be done online. Nowadays, couples make their date online by using various dating sites. For this purpose, a number of online sites offer online dating. Those who want to date with their loved one have to create a profile of their own on any one of the online dating sites.

Through this way, they can start their new stories. A number of dating websites are available for this purpose. While using dating websites, people must choose a good online dating site. This is because people provide their personal information on these sites.

Best Dating Sites in India for 2018

Therefore the site must be safe and secure. Only popular sites ensure secure online dating. Let us see some of the best online dating websites in India:


This is one of the popular online dating sites in India. Thousands of singles create their profile on this dating site and this site is popular among a number of singles. In this dating site, singles can meet people having the same taste like them and chat with them. This is one of the best sites for starting a new relationship. It offers the feature of meeting the single that a person talks with. Those who want to meet a person can get their address from this site and meet them.


This online dating website is basically a US-based site. This is the Indian version of the US site. One can easily meet the same minded people on this website. It has its own modern version and this site can be used in India only.


This online dating site offers free membership to the users. In this site, singles can easily share videos and it is easy to create a profile on this site. Also, one can visit the live chat room and talk to people live there. One can also get instant messaging on this site. It is easy to flirt in this dating site with the one you like


This online dating site is perfect for people who want to flirt and want to meet new people. This site gives a pleasurable experience to the users. This site has a number of singles who are in need of someone. Therefore, one can find a number of singles on this site. You can easily find like-minded people in this site


One of the best sites where you can meet single Indians living in any part of the world is this site. You just have to sign in with an account and you can chat with Indians. This site also has features like instant messaging and live chat which is more helpful for the users to know about others.