Top 10 Equity Mutual Funds for SIP to Invest in 2016

Are you planning to start investing in stock market via mutual fund way? Then the best way to invest in mutual fund is via SIP way or systematic investment plan. The formula is very simple when it is SIP, means invest in small amounts every month on top mutual funds in India like recurring deposit and stay invested for long term.

In this article I will share about the best Equity Mutual Funds for SIP investment for moderate risk investors in 2016. While investing in mutual funds vis SIP, one have to choose the proper funds as per the investors risk profile. If you are ready to take moderate risk then these are the best Equity Mutual Funds to Invest in 2016.

How To Choose Mutual Fund to invest in 2016?

Now this is the most asked question and let me tell you that you have to do a little research before choosing the list of best mutual funds to invest for long term. Although I am not going to explain in detail, but I will share the key points which I am considering here while preparing this list of mutual funds. I will prepare a detailed article on this topic of how to choose mutual funds for beginners .

Considered Points while making this list of best equity mutual funds for sip 2016 

Risk Profile: All these funds are for moderate risk investors that means the mutual fund portfolios will cover hybrid funds, debt funds and few large cap funds.

Return on Investment history: Generally one should stay with a mutual fund for more than 5 years or if possible 10 years to get good return. Here I am considering the last 5 years avg return.

Good Assets Under Management (AUM): Generally AUM indicates how popular and large the mutual fund house is compared to others. A large AUM fund means many people are investing and it is growing gradually. Here funds are considered based on AUM more than 100 crore.

Value Research Online(VRO): Generally Crisil and Value Research Online provide ratings to mutual funds as per various factors. It is easy for investors to choose by following these ratings as these are industry standard ratings. I have considered here VRO only. Here rating 1-Star means worst and 5-Star is good.

Best 10 Equity Mutual Funds for SIP to Invest in 2016

Mutual Fund Scheme name VRO Rating 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year AUM (Rs Cr)
Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund(G) 5 4.57% 19.20% 13.91% 11847.13
Franklin India Prima Plus Fund(G) 5 5.48% 23.07% 15.72% 7,923
SBI BlueChip Fund-Reg(G) 5 8.55% 21.67% 16.13% 6,334
BNP Paribas Equity Fund(G) 4 1.91% 19.71% 14.92% 1,371
Franklin India Bluechip Fund(G) 4 4.50% 16.46% 11.39% 7,209
ICICI Pru Focused BlueChip Eq Fund(G) 4 3.09% 17.19% 12.60% 10,756
Invesco India Growth Fund(G) 4 1.18% 19.18% 12.63% 134
Kotak Select Focus Fund(G) 4 6.92% 22.82% 15.40% 4,730
Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund-Reg(G) 4 6.14% 22.73% 15.14% 1,945
Axis Equity Fund(G) 3 3.30% 15.11% 12.66% 2,053

So, want to research more on mutual funds online? Then visit to where you will find huge resources to know how good is a mutual fund is for investment. Personally I am investing in mutual funds via FundsIndia platform, one of the best robo advisers in India. I am following fundsIndia recommendations while investing for SIP investment in mutual funds.

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