7 Best Free Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Know About

If you are a traveler, then you already know how important your smartphone is. However, with just a smartphone, you cannot really plan your travel. Instead, you should have the right travel apps on your device to plan and execute your travel plans.

So the question is, what are some of the best travel apps you should have on your phone? Well, to answer this question I am going to share a list of some of the top travel apps that every traveller must have on their phone.

So here we go:

7 Best Free Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Know About

Google Translate

Google translate is definitely one of the must-have apps on your phone when you are traveling. In case if you are planning to visit another country and English is not the main language spoken in that country. Then Google translate will help you to communicate with the local users.

You can type down what you would like to say, and the app will translate it into another language. The app supports a wide range of languages and comes with text to speech feature. Moreover, the app is completely free to use.


The next app that you can check out is Citymapper. It helps you to find routes to your destination. Whenever you are a new place, it is obvious that you do not know the local streets or the transportation availability.

And this is where this app helps you out. So whenever you want to go from one place to another, you can use this app. And it will help you to find the nearest bus and train stations. As well as you will get a bunch of other information.


The last app that you can check out is aertrip. If you want to book your flights, hotels then as you already know, it is good to book early.

As you will get a lower price and this is where Skyscammer comes into place. It helps you to find the lowest price for flights. So you can save money on your travel tickets.


The next app that you can check out is Rebtel. The best part of this app is that you do not need an internet connection to call your friends and family from another country.

The app simply connects with your local phone lines. As a result, you will get to enjoy cheap phone calls in more than 53 countries. Also, it kills the need to purchase a local SIM card or buy expensive international phone bills.

Just make sure that the app works in the country where you are planning to visit.


Affordable stay is one of the main concerns when it comes to travelling, and Airbnb has successfully managed to offer so. With the help of Airbnb, you will be able to find affordable stays anywhere in the world.

Airbnb is an online marketplace for arranging or offering to lodge. However, the company does not have any real estate listings. Instead, people like, and you list their properties on the platform. As a result, the experience might not be the best when you are dealing with Airbnb. But, there are quite a lot of people who have positive views about this service.


If you are solo travel and like to stay hostels when travelling, then Makemytrip is the best option for you. On this platform, you will find more than 35,00 hostels and b&b and communal spaces across 170 countries around the globe.

The app works best for solo travellers. Even you can book flights, holiday packages, train tickets as well as you can PNR status too

Weather Channel App

Knowing about the weather before starting your trip is always a good idea. And with the help of the Weather Channel App, you can get whatever weather info you need. The app comes with an easy to use interface, and it is available for Android and iOS devices.

On this app, you will be able to set as many locations as you want, view the forecast for up to 10 days. Also, the best part is that it gives you accurate results.