5 Best Green Web Hosting Providers 2020 (Eco-friendly and Reliable)

Web hosting is important to host every website on it safely and securely. You can buy a domain from any domain registration or web hosting company but choosing the right platform for web hosting is important. 

There are several web hosting companies available on the internet and you can choose your desired ones. But there are certain features that you need to consider while choosing the best web hosting such as SSD storage space, bandwidth, professional email account, 1 free domain registration for 1 year, customer support 24/7, and many more.

These are some of the features that you need to consider very carefully because any issue can take place in your security system. The better hosting you will choose, the better services you will get.

The demand for the best web hosting is increasing day by day because online businesses are increasing rapidly. With the right web hosting, you can take your business to the next level of success. However, you can also read reviews of the customer while purchasing the best web hosting. The reviews are going to clear your doubts regarding that particular web hosting.

What is the Best Green Web Hosting Provider?

Green web hosting is eco friendly or environmentally friendly hosting, identifies those web hosting companies that take care to decrease their carbon footprint lessen their effect on nature by adopting policies and using equipment that is more environmentally friendly in their offices or data centers. This is known as green web hosting.

Green web hosting services are reducing the industry’s impact on the world around us. If you are choosing green web hosting then it will automatically help the environment. Therefore, here are the best green web hosting providers that you must know,

1. iPage Web Hosting:

iPage web hosting is regarded as a green web hosting service that does not damage the environment and keep it safe and secure. Actually, this web hosting covers its energy usage. The features of this web hosting are amazing. It includes daily back up plans, 24/7 customer support, security protection, and many more. This is incredible for beginners who want to start their own website.

On the other, it is eco-friendly web hosting that causes no harm to the environment. iPage is affordable as well and a large number of people are using it nowadays.

2. GreenGeeks:

GreenGeeks web hosting uses 300 percent of renewable energy host. In this web hosting, your website is hosted in an environmentally friendly manner. The services that it provides are very affordable and anyone can use this service as it is great for beginners who want to have their own website. They will migrate your site for free.

They provide unlimited webspace, email accounts, domains, bandwidth, customer support 24/7, and many more. The features that it provides can hold your attention for a while. However, if you are not happy with their services then you can claim your money back within 30 days of purchase of web hosting.

3. Hostpapa:

Hostpapa is one of the best green web hosting providers that you can choose in 2020. It has all in one feature. The services are eco friendly and will cause no harm to the environment. The reason that it has less number of users is that it is slightly expensive and has less unlimited features, Otherwise this green web hosting is great.

4. Inmotion Web Hosting:

Inmotion web hosting is another green web hosting provider that offers a wide range of features. This hosting is regarded as a green web hosting that will cause no harm to the environment.

The best advantage of using this web hosting is that it provides 90 days money-back guarantee and no web hosting services provide this long period of the money-back guarantee. The other services that this particular web hosting includes is really powerful and excellent.

5. DreamHost:

DreamHost web hosting provides a green web hosting service. The price that this web hosting company charges is very reasonable and anyone can afford it.

DreamHost comes in the third category of the best green web hosting companies. The security features are also excellent. If you are a beginner then you can use this web hosting service for your personal website. However, you can also read the reviews of the customer regarding this web hosting if you have any doubts. 

 Wrapping it Up

Here you go! Now you know what are the best green web hosting providers that will cause no damage to the environment and keep your website safe and secure from the hackers all around the internet.

However, before choosing any web hosting for your site, you need to consider the features of each web hosting carefully and read the reviews too so that there are no doubts about any services that particular web hosting offers.