5 Best Health Insurance Comparison Websites of 2016

Are you thinking to buy a new health insurance policy online? Then the first question that pops up in your mind is definitely ‘Which is the best health insurance plan available?’ To answer this question, here are the list of best Health Insurance comparison websites where you will get unbiased result in a very simplified & quick manner.

With a significant increase in the health insurance industry in India, you might get confused about which one to choose from. We spend a lot of time trying to get the most suitable & top health insurance plan which will fit our budget & other needs. And most of the times we end up getting more confused about the perfect plan.

Best Health Insurance Comparison Websites India 2015Health insurance comparison websites are the ideal place to get your exact requirement. These online portals help you to come to the best possible decision getting the Best Health Insurance plan.

Best Health Insurance Comparison Websites 2015

  1. MediManage

Medimanage was founded in 1999. It is an IRDA licensed Direct Insurance Broker based in Mumbai who have branches in Bangalore and Chennai. They have been servicing customers to many Fortune 500 companies.

MediManage provides unbiased & customized Health Insurance solution with the help of their experienced & skilled professionals. They deal with all the insurance companies in India.

Why you must consider MediManage:

  • It is the No. 1 Health Insurance Broker in India.
  • Get Specialized Medical Insurance Claims Assistance & Support.
  • Technology Packed Full Online Health Insurance Service.
  • Associated with all leading Health Insurance companies.
  • They insure more than 2 Lakh lives per year.
  1. Insurance Pandit

Insurance Pandit one of the India’s first online Insurance Portal.  Customers can select the health Insurance plan as per their requirement while saving their time & money on premium. Select the best health insurance product offered by leading Insurance companies that suits your insurance need.

With Insurance Pandit you can:

  • Buy a Health Insurance policy (Mediclaim Policy in India) with this user friendly & convenient health insurance comparison portal.
  • Compare plans offered by more than 14 leading insurance companies in India.
  1. Coverfox

Coverfox is also an IRDA certified Direct Broker of insurance plans. This is also one of the most user friendly health insurance comparison website. CoverFox also has the licenses to act as an official intermediary for a customer during the claim procedure.

People who are not comfortable to provide their personal details need not to worry as you don’t have to provide your email or mobile number to get the comparison search results. Also

  • Get a comparison based on your provided pincode to check if ‘cashless treatment facility’ is available at those hospitals.
  • Filter the search results as per your preferred company or based on premium, room rent limit, co-pay clause, pre-existing diseases.
  1. GIBL

You might get puzzled & carried away by the numerous quotes from different insurance providers. At GIBL, you can compare & buy Insurance in India with the help of the comparison chart. They are one of the best industry expert where you will get all the details at one place & enjoy the maximum benefit.

At GIBL, you will get:

  • Active support & assistance to provide extended health cover for you and your family
  • Find solutions for all your insurance needs in this One-stop-shop
  • 24 x7 online assistance with guaranteed Lowest premiums
  • Compare insurance policies in India at one place & within a fraction of time
  1. MyInsuranceClub

Get the comparative health insurance quotes at MyInsuranceClub & select the best health insurance policy which is best suitable for you. Check the best health insurance policy by comparing the different features provided by the health insurance providers.

Benefits of MyInsuranceClub:

  • Get the best Health Insurance comparison with their feature list
  • Compare health insurance premiums easily with their instant online calculator
  • Get an neutral comparison of different policies
  • Choose the best plan within a fraction of time.

These are the best Health Insurance comparison websites where you can get all the details while purchasing an online health insurance plan. Also make sure to do a thorough research as per your requirement before buying a health insurance plan in India.

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  1. Comparing and buying insurance online is a convenient and hassle free procedure.They are multiple websites or comparison portals available. It is important to ensure that you are making a comparison on a IRDAI approved insurance web aggregator’s website where the comparisons will be unbiased, accurate and specific. Comparepolicy.com is a leading IRDAI insurance webaggregator which encompasses all the above mentioned credentials.

  2. There are many other platforms such as Policybazaar, TopTenInsider, BankBazaar and many more that provide health insurance comparison. They provide a list of top health insurance companies with their plans, policies, types, features, reviews and many more.

  3. Thanks for giving such information for insurance comparison portal. It’s really help me out to search a cheap insurance policy.
    But why other companies are trying to advertise there portal through comments?
    if you want to add then you can add policybazaar and bankbazaar if you want top 7. I don’t think other websites are good enough to get the position within top 10.

  4. Yes you forget the PolicyX. PolicyX best compititor of insurance web aggregator. PolicyX growth level in past year bether than other agencies. So please add the PolicyX.Com on your post.

  5. I guess admin forgot to add PolicyX. PolicyX is far better than all other portals exist in the market. So i request to add and display all the features of PolicyX

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