12 Best Lottery Results App & Websites in India

best lottery result apps websites

Searching for the list of Lottery Results App & Websites in India? So that you can play and win lots of money online? Then this article will surely help you. The game of lotteries attracts everyone across the globe.

Over the past decade, more and more people have shown interest in lotteries. One of the biggest state-level lotteries in the world is the United States lottery. Today, participants for the US lotteries hail from several destinations on the globe.

Technology has made it easier and more accessible for people to participate in these lottery games. The lotteries also act as a major form of revenue and income for different countries and states.

Top 12 lottery websites & app are discussed below

1. Lotto Agent (Play Lottery Online)

Lotto Agent is in the online lottery market since 2012 and it is one of the most solid and reliable operators that a customer can find among so many online lottery websites.The backbone of the tickets purchase mechanism is completely independent and not relying on a lottery white label that the customer can easily spot.

This ensures that the Lotto Agent gives careful attention to minute details.They support EN, RU, FR, ES, PT languages, and mostly accept payments through Credit, debit cards, and e-wallets. Customers can access their customer support facility through telephone, live chat, and email.

Some key benefits of Lotto Agent are as follows

  • It supports a large variety of payment methods.
  • They provide 24*7 support including live chats.
  • Extra $15 is given to the customer on every friend he/she brings to Lotto Agent.
  • After buying the tickets they send a scanned copy of the tickets.

2. PlayHugeLottos.com

It is established in early 1998 and is widely known as one of the world’s top international lottery online websites where a customer can get the latest results, buy tickets and much more.

Playhugelottos.com is also regulated by the Curacao Government. Being regulated by a gaming license board, means they have to adhere to very strict rules and regulations which ensure the complete protection of the data and payments.

Some key features of PlayHugeLottos.com are as follows

  • They offer a vast array of lottery games.
  • They are very active on social media and also have a blog which is constantly updated with some of the most refreshing and up to date topics.
  • 24/7 support is available.
  • They work on most of the mobile devices.
  • All transactions are encrypted with an SSL connection making sure that all the transactions are as secure as possible.

3. WinTrillions

It has been in operation since 2005, with a registered customer base of nearly half a million people and they are in operation in 118 countries around the world. They are owned and operated by Ledonford Ltd with its headquarters in Cyprus, Greece.

In the global rankings, it is actually ranked as second best online lottery operator, offering 22 major international lotteries, 9 international millionaire raffles as well as a selection of various syndicate games.

It covers 9 languages (English, Portugues, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, and Polish), and uses 3 major currencies which are US dollar, Euro and British pound sterling.

Some additional features of WinTrillions include:

  • They offer International lottery tickets to players, irrespective of their home country.
  • It has a syndicate option which allows a customer to join a pool or syndicate of other players thus increasing the overall chances of drawing winning numbers.
  • They offer a VIP enrollment program which works automatically as soon as customer signup and after obtaining a ticket customer earn loyalty points which can be exchanged later for discounts on the VIP program.com offers over 30 varieties of payment methods.
  • They have also included a Bitcoin payment option.

4. LottogoWorld

Lottery Club was an established brand and has put up years of experience in the category of online lotteries, and its side games, into forming a completely new brand called LottoGoIt is a completely new brand name but has the same trustworthy reputation.

It provides exceptional player support and different payment methods and languages.

They provide attractive offers for new players and a loyalty scheme for existing players.

It is one of the best online lottery websites that has just made a huge leap forward towards its leading competitors.

This site is rated with some of the best websites for playing the lottery. The LottoGo platform provides excellent software support with a responsive framework and also HTML5 games support. This brand also offers various table games, slot games, and the keno games.

5. The Lotter

The Lotter is not only a leader among all online lottery sites but also one of the first lottery sites to be established in 2002. This site is operated from Belize by The Lotter Enterprises Ltd. This brand gives its services in 13 languages and 5 currencies thus it is very easy for the customer to operate this site.

They support EN, RU, DE, SE, FR, ES, PT, IT, CN, JP, PO, RO, HU, NL, and CZ languages and prefers Credit, debit cards, and e-wallets as payment options. They provide customer support through phone, live chat, and email.

Some special features of The Lotter are as follows

  • They offer a huge variety of lotteries to choose from.
  • They provide solid service to players with a great experience on web and apps.

6. Lottoland

Lotto land is an online lottery ticket selling company based in Gibraltar and was established in 2013. This company is privately owned and always tries to give players a great opportunity at winning big on the lottery by offering lotteries from all over the world.

This platform is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Authority. Lotto land customer support department is ready to answer any queries 24/7.Lottoland.com is available in ten different languages which are English, Slovak, German, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (for Brazilian players), Czech, English (for Canada market) and German.

Lottoland is actually one of the few online lottery platforms offering an App for Android and as well as an App for iPhone. The customer can also play from the mobile device browser.Lotto land uses many of the commonly used deposit methods so that all players will be able to use this site.

They offer all players the ability to deposit money using, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard and bank transfers.

7. Multi Lotto

MultiLotto.com offers a secure, friendly and fun environment which allows the players to play their favorite games very comfortably. As it is a global website so they have placed a large emphasis on the multi-language support and it currently offers supports 17 different languages.

The design and development team at MultiLotto.com have designed a beautiful and fully responsive website which can be played on desktops and all mobile devices, and is compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms.

Multi Lotto accepts multiple payment methods to make sure global users can participate. Among these are Dinners Card, JCB, Master Card, Visa, EntroPay, NETELLER, Skrill, Trusty, and many more.

Some additional advantages are as follows

  • It provides a large selection list of lottery options.
  • It provides stunning design and user-friendly interface.
  • Data is highly secure and not shared with any third party providers.

8. JackPot.com

Jackpot.com started in 2016 with some amazing offers to compete with the current top online lottery operators. Using this website player can either play individually or as a part of a syndicate making the gameplay more interesting.

It is owned and operated by lottomatrix limited, and also licensed and regulated by the UK gambling commission.Jackpot.com is mainly famous for its simplicity, trustworthiness, efficiency, reliability and also for the great entertainment that jackpot.com provides.

Purchasing a lottery ticket on Jackpot.com is straightforward and simple and it also uses the quick pick option for those players who don’t play with their regular luck numbers.

The customer experience is perfect from the point of entry into the website to navigation and gaming, it really offers great user-friendly experience and some of the best playing tips and advice available on the market.

9. Lottosend

Established in 2013 it offers a comprehensive range of gameplay with 10 of the world’s largest lotteries available to play.

They also have a good multi-lingual setup with their products and support being offered in 10 different languages which are English, Russian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Finnish, Romanian and French.

It is managed and operated by Eu-logistic transport which has a registered office in the Slovak Republic. Unlike most other platforms it does not charge any commission fee on the customer winning price which of course is a great thing, especially if the customer wins the jackpot.

Single and group play options are both available and they also have a vast array of payment options. The website is fully responsive on all mobile devices and can also be played on both iOS and Android devices.

A high-level security is available to all players on this website starting with complete protection services which are supported by Comodo security as well as using the latest 256-bit SSL encryption.

10. Jackpocket

The main mission of Jackpocket is to transform the lottery through the best of people, technology, and design in building a responsible and fun lottery experience that the customer would feel good about.

It is generally a mobile application which can be easily downloaded from play store. They are committed to strengthening communities through essential state programs such as education, pension funds, veteran services, and elderly care.

They have famous investors such as Kima ventures, Fueled, Digital currency group, Bullpen Capital, and Conductive ventures.


The new OLG Lottery App helps the customers to check the lottery tickets through mobile phone and also have various other convenient features. This is a free application that can be downloaded from the play store.

Some important features of the OLG lottery are as follows

  • It can check and scan the ticket from anywhere.
  • It allows the players to set notifications for upcoming draws so that customers never miss a draw.
  • The customer can easily check the OLG gift card balance through this app.
  • It provides quick access to jackpots and the latest winning numbers for the most popular games.
  • It gives access to Play Smart information.

12. Lottery.com

Lottery.com is the ultimate lottery app that allows the customers to view lottery game results and jackpots directly from the mobile phone. It is a completely free application and is the first-ever safe, secure, and fun mobile lottery platform.

Main features of Lottery.com are as follows

  • It gives information about the result of the jackpots right on the phone.
  • It can scan and track physical tickets and gives notifications to the customer when they win.
  • Auto Lotto alerts automatically alerts the customer when the jackpot is high so that the players never miss a big jackpot.
  • Ticket Tracking allows the customer to track the Mega Millions or Powerball paper tickets directly from the app.

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