7 Best Mattress in India 2020 (Which Mattress is Good For Health, Back Pain)

Planning to buy a new mattress to make your everyday sleeping more comfortable? But do you know which mattress will give you the best comfortable experiences with the cheapest price tag? There are so many mattress brands in India and also so many types of mattress, that one can get confused.

In this article, I am going to share a few basic tips to buy a mattress in India and also share the latest best mattress available online with price details.

Everyone needs a solid 8 hours sound sleep to start the day with full energy. A well comfortable mattress can help you to get a good sleep without any problem. But there are mattresses in India, which may not suit your body & health and turn into a nightmare as many people don’t find it comfortable after buying a mattress in India. So, you have to follow certain guidelines before buying a mattress in India.

Tips To Buy a Good Mattress In India 2020

If you are buying a mattress for the first time and have zero knowledge, then I am sure you will be surprised after finding the variety of mattress available on the market. To make it simple, just follow the tips below and choose the best mattress for your need.

Best Brand: First of all go with the top brands who manufacture mattress from ages. There are many newcomers who may deliver a cheap mattress, but the quality is not guaranteed. Go with Kurl on, Sleepwell etc as they will help you to identify what kind of mattress you are looking for at the best price range.

Softness & Hardness: Don’t go with the softness of the mattress all the time. First of all, express what kind of health you have like whether you have back pain, spinal problem etc so that you can find out the best blend of softness + hardness and get the perfect mattress.

Spring Vs Foam: Try to avoid spring mattresses in case you have a high budget. Generally, spring mattresses lost their quality early in case you bought them from a local vendor and cheap price. Try to get a mattress with the mix of spring + foam to get good quality in a longer duration.

Warranty Matters: Every mattress comes with a warranty and there are companies who provide more than 10 years warranty. So don’t compromise anything less than that.

List of Top 10 best selling mattress brand in India 2020

  1. Wake-fit
  2. Kurlon
  3. Sleepwell
  4. Nilkamal
  5. Dunlopillo
  6. MM Foam
  7. Duroflex
  8. SleepZone
  9. King Koil
  10. Restonic

List of top 10 best mattresses available in India 2020

A sound sleep or a complete sleep is the key driving force to start your day. If you are not able to sleep properly, you will not be able to spend the next day with your 100%. There might be many reasons, here we are discussing about mattress only.

Although many people say that one must not sleep in a mattress. It is better to sleep in a cotton typical mattress. But that is not true all the time. Most people think a mattress means a soft experience which is totally wrong.

There are various types of mattresses available online, which you must understand first and accordingly buy. A soft mattress may not be a good idea for yru in case you have any trouble with back pain previously. In that case, you can go for a tough surface, but a comfortable one. Let’s find out the different types of mattress first.

1. Wake-fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress Wake fit orthopedic memory foam mattress

Wake-fit is a very popular mattress brand in India. Their memory Foam mattress is the #1 in our list of the best mattress in India. This mattress is made up of high-quality foam, latest technology so that one can have sound sleep without any problem.

If you have sleep disorders then you must try this mattress once. This mattress has all major features like durability, support, comfort and a suitable temperature or airflow throughout the night. Generally, people think that any mattress can have such comfort, but this is not right.

You will find a very good premium feel & design in this mattress. If you compare with any locally made mattress, you may find the price is high. It is because the technology & quality the use is totally healthy and you will not feel back pain. Btu in case of a local mattress, even if it looks & feel the same initially, you will feel back pain within a few days only.


  • 5-year warranty
  • High-quality foam
  • Feel soft
  • Different sizes available


  • Cost is little high
  • Warmth issue during summer

2. Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress Dreamzee Orthocare

Looking for a good mattress which can give you relief from stress after a heavy day? Then check out this
Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress. You will fall asleep within a few seconds as soon as you get into it.

Yes, after a hectic day everyone wants a sound sleep. But due to a bad mattress or old style mattresses, most people can’t have sound sleep. In the case of this Orthocare Memory Foam, Eurotop Mattress will perfectly suit your need.

Not only that, from durability & long-lasting point of view also this mattress is awesome. We have listed this as our 2nd best mattress in India considering the comfort, softness, durability.

The best poart about this mattress is that, it has heat-sensetive material. This is very good for people with back pain problem or spine problems. You can easily find the best body posture while sleeping.


  • 5-year warranty
  • heat-sensitive material
  • Premium quality finishing
  • 2-inch Visco memory foam.


  • You have to assemble it

3. Wake-fit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard and Soft Wake fit dual comfort

Our 3rd best mattress is also from Wake FIt. Wake-fit is a very good company when we talk about the popular mattress brands in India. This dual comfort mattress is especially for them who want to enjoy a soft, but that soft kind of mattress.

You can say this is a medium farm, mediaum soft mattress. This will make sure your back is in good condition and at the same time your entire body get relaxed & get sound sleep. After a hectic day, one must need a sound sleep to get refreshed for tomorrow.


  • Made up with high density foam
  • Multilayered design
  • Highly comfortable
  • 5 years warranty


  • You have to assemble it

4. Linenwalas Microfibre Mattress Padding

Linenwalas is another reputed mattress brand in India. They are into this business from 1994 and right now also able to capture the market by delivering some good mattress in India. The best part is that their mattress quality is high, but the price is very much reasonable.

They use micro-fiber technology to create a mattress. Thsi makes them super comfortable, exactly soft like 5 star hotel. If you want to buy a mattress with supreme luxury confort then you must check out this model.

The size of this mattress is 72” X 78”, that means perfectly suitable for a king-siz bed.


  • Provide supreme comfort
  • Imported micro Fiber filling to provide softness
  • It has hypoallergic, anti mites and anti-dust properties.
  • Get 5 year warranty


  • Extremely soft, not good for everyone.

5. Kurl-On Dream Sleep 6-inch Spring Mattress Kurlon mattress

You might be thinking how come we are not talking abut Kurl-on when it is about the best mattress in India. And here is the best mattress of Kaurl-on family for you.: Kurl-On Dream Sleep 6-inch Spring mattress.

As the name suggests, this mattress is very soft and comfortable. The thickness of 6 inch is telling how good it is. This is a spring mattress and you can find various size & color options.

Generally, spring mattredd are good to hold heavy weight. So if you think you are heavy weight or your kids are jumping on the mattress, then you can happyly go for thsi Kurl-on mattress.


  • Trusted mattress brand
  • Pocket spring mattress
  • Double side usable
  • comes with 5 year warranty
  • Long lasting


Costly compared to others

6. Nilkamal Value+ 4-Inch Foam Mattress Nilkamal mattress

Nilkamal started their journey as plastic furniture manicating company, but gradually they entered into the mattress manufactruing. Here we are sharing the best mattress in India from Nilkamal brand which is very good for people who want to enjoy a low thick ness mattress.

Nilkamal mattresses are made up with evlon/lux foam. This kind of foam gives a very good comformt, even if the thick ness is low. Basically, such types are good to give you a feeling of having a mattress and also the feeling of having a typical old style cotton mattress.


  • No assembling require
  • Multi-layered to give more comfort
  • best sleeping experience


  • 2 year warranty
  • Thickness is just 4 inch

7. Sleepwell Enovation 5-inch Single Size Foam Mattress

Sleepwell is another matrress manufacturing brand in India. They are very popular in India and in fact one of the few companies who started selling mattresses online in India.

You will find a huge collection of the mattress under the Sleepwell brand. Choosing a matress might be a problem as these days there are variosu types of the mattress as per people’s health & sleeping condition.

If you ask me to recommend, then check out the Sleepwell Enovation foam mattress. This is a very good quality mattress, 5 inch height which is just perfect as soft and as farm. The cost of this mattress is very much affordable.


  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Pre-assembled


  • No warranty

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Don’t forget to write your online shopping experience when you bought your first mattress online. You have to do your homework first and then wait for the perfect time to buy a mattress online so that you can save money compared to your local stores. Write a comment below and also share any buying tips & tricks.