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The Online trading platforms in India that are readily available have been put in place without any thought about what the investors that use the platforms actually need to help them trade.

Having studied the market I found that pricing is the main battle ground to draw an investor to a platform with cheap offers but I firmly believe that advancing trading technology to help the investor is more important to gain and retain clients and this is what you should be looking for from your Broker. It may be that the Institutions simply don`t know what their clients are looking for but they need to address this issue or more and more clients will be lost to alternative markets.

Ayondo is one of the best international online trading platform whose platform is built for the Investors. Ayondo is an Award winning Brokerage in Europe and Asia and are regulated by the FCA so they are a very reputable to trade with and are highly regarded across the markets.

best online trading platforms

Ayondo is one of a new breed of Best Online Trading Platforms for Beginners. It offers a first class on-line trading platform that helps the trader on their decision making process. The reason that people like Ayondo is because they have two parts to their platform:

– Self- Directed where the Trader trades for himself.

– Social Trading where the Trader follows a Professional Trader and leaves the trading to him. Ayondo won the 2015 International Award for Best Social Trading Platform.

Ayondo`s Social Trading system offers huge benefits to traders looking for consistent returns and this is what most investors in general are looking for. Social Trading allows one to select and follow their best performing Traders on their platform and earn the same gains. You can determine the exact profile of trader that you want to follow by filtering their Top Traders by:

– The products they trade.

– Trading style.

– Profitability.

You can follow up to five separate Traders at any one time and when you have chosen which trader(s) to follow then you can decide the level of investment and risk parameters, click to follow and that`s it. When the Top Trader trades so do you at exactly the same levels both to open and close the trade. Social Trading is free to use and is incredibly easy to get used to – you will receive a trade confirmation on your PC, tablet, Android or iphone. Imagine a product that trades for you when you are out shopping, at the movies or cricket game or simply asleep on the sofa.

Uses of the Social Trading Platform Ayondo:

It is one of the best online stock trading site & product like this is useful for all types of investors:

For traders learning the markets and learning how to trade – by following more experienced traders you can earn and learn simultaneously, watch when and how the experienced traders trade and in what style.

Investors that have busy lives  but they still want to be active in the markets too – Social Trading allows you to follow a Top Trader when you are busy and then you trade for yourself when you have free time.

– Traders looking for solid returns in the markets and with zero Money Manager costs. The platform is free to use, so you can follow professional traders and gain their returns at zero cost for the platform.

– Professional Traders and Fund Managers can grow their own followers and earn trading rebates for the number and volume of the business that they attract so they can cut their trading costs.

With Social Trading it begs a question – Why pay for a Money Manager or a Tips subscription when this is for free?

Ayondo`s Self Directed platform – where you trade for yourself – offers many advantages over other competing platforms too. You will find that the number of products to trade is varied and their unique features make Ayondo the leading On-Line Brokerage globally.

The following assets are available on Ayondo`s platforms:

– International Currencies with all major and minor pairs.

– European and US Single stocks.

– International Indices – US, European, Asian (India included).

– Commodities.

– International Bonds/ETFs.

 Unique Features of Ayondo – One of the Best Online Trading Platforms

– Variable leverage on each trade, you can alter the margin level for each trade from 0-100% so this gives you complete freedom to invest as you wish.

– Guaranteed stops on the most liquid products resulting in clear execution in fast markets, as soon as the level is traded my trade is executed.

– Fixed Spreads on all assets and not floating ones therefore when the markets are busy you can still pay the fixed spread rate which is very competitive.

– 1500 different products to trade…with more currently being added.

– Award winning TradeHub trading platform with the most advanced technical analysis product in the markets, any Technical Analyst will be happy with the features on offer.

Getting Started with Ayondo:

Simply go to the link on the bottom of this page to read more – to open a Demo account you need to fill in some personal details and then you need to send a scanned passport copy and a proof of address for a Live Account and that`s it.

Online Trading is no longer a case of being given a platform to execute your ideas, it’s a case of which Top trader you are making money with when you’re asleep and dreaming of that new cricket bat for your son, car for yourself or kitchen for your understanding wife. I recommend in taking a look and using such top trading platforms, they will help you trade and earn money consistently.

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