Best Personal Finance Blogs in India 2018 (38+ Added So Far in This List)

best personal finance blogs indiaAre you looking for the list of top personal finance blogs in India 2018? In this article, I will share a massive list of most popular personal finance blogs. If you are a DIY investor and looking for great websites to learn about personal finance & money management then this list of Top Indian Blogs in Personal Finance category will definitely help you.

Succeeding with personal finances begins with making smart money decisions. Fortunately, there is plenty of financial information available at everyone’s fingertips thanks to technology and the internet. It’s the everyday money decisions that a person makes while living their life.

So top 20 Personal Financial Websites/blogs in India (mostly run by one or 2 authors) are listed below

  6. Tax Guru
  14. Finance buddy
  15. Credit Frog
  16. Subra Money
  17. Safal Niveshak
  18. FinMarketGuru
  19. Money Gyaan
  20. Be Money Aware
  21. The Financial Literates (TFLGuide)
  22. Fundoo Professor
  23. Vipin Khandelwal
  24. Mani Karthik
  25. Plan Money Tax

Personal finance blogs/websites are doing a great job by spreading valuable information and making everything transparent about investment these days. Whoever is aware of the internet, definitely will look for a quick review of that policy or investment scheme online before buying.

By doing this he/she can make sure others review and hidden myths of every financial product. Not only that people can easily plan their own financial planning.

Best Personal Finance Facebook Groups for Indian Readers

Asan Ideas for Wealth

This is one of the best places to learn and get free advice regarding personal financial decisions. This group has been started by Ashal Juari, to create a community where people can freely ask & get good financial decisions.

Gradually many knowledgeable persons joined this group and it becomes one of the best personal finance FaceBook group. If you have any doubt regarding investment, insurance, financial planning simply post your query. You will get many helpful answers & guidance.

Besides that, there are few other Facebook groups regarding the finance niche, which is not that active compared to AIFW.

Top Indian Personal Finance Blogs of 2018 (Run By Individual Finance Bloggers) was founded by Manish Chauhan and Nandish Desai in 2008. It tries to educate more and more investors and improve their financial life by imparting financial education. They work with clients across India from various cities and have a 10 member team across Pune and Ahmadabad.

Apna Plan by Amit Kumar gives detailed information related to Mutual Funds, Insurance, Stocks, FDs & RDs, Loans, Taxes, Retirement planning, Smart Shopping, and Calculators.

With more than 30,000 unique visitors and 55,000 page views monthly, Apna Plan has a strong reader base that has been growing since 2011. Readers profile includes people like NRIs, HNIs, and entrepreneurs looking for investment opportunities in India. is a blog by Manshu Verma which mainly discusses topics related to personal finance, technology, and economics. mainly provides two types of services which are Comprehensive Financial Planning and One Time Consulting. It is an investment blog focused on the Indian markets and is working Sep 2006.

Stable Investor is one of India’s most widely followed Personal Financial & Investing websites that is owned & managed by Dev Ashish. Its main aim is to provide high quality, useful and customized financial advice to clients to help them achieve their financial goals in life. This site is active since Nov 2011.

Tax Guru

This website provides free updates to Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Tax Professional, Cost Accountants and other Account Professional on Amendments in Income Tax and Wealth Tax, Goods and Service Tax etc. They publish many posts on daily basis. Most of the contributors are CA, experts from financial firms and finance bloggers.

Chartered Club aims to simplify the complex tax laws in India and make everyone aware of the tax laws and help them manage their taxes better. It was founded in 2009 by Karan Batra for CA’s, CS’s, CMA’s and other professionals to share their knowledge on various CA related & Tax related topics. is an initiative started with the intention of educating each individual in dealing with their financial life and making them aware of miss-selling or miss-buying. Working since Mar 2017 it also wants to update knowledge of people about Financial Planning and making them aware about their own finance. is a professional blog on the daily financial news like home loan, car loan, education loan, personal loan, car insurance, life insurance, health insurance, mutual fund, fixed deposit, provident fund, and many more.

It is a Personal Finance Website that helps to make better financial decisions. It discusses Financial Planning, Investment Planning, and Retirement planning services to individuals in India and NRIs.

Working Since Aug 2014 it gives fair guidance on fix income instruments, Equity, Mutual Funds, Insurance, gold & income tax. They are financial planners and their financial plans are completely reliable.

Safal Niveshak

This blog consists of stories of successful investor around the world. It conducts interviews with investors in India and also offers e-books and courses related to investing. The main aim of Safal Niveshak is to provide ways and tools to develop the right thinking mindset and process that is required for long-term investment success.

The main aim of is to present the information on financial products in a simple, unbiased and user-friendly manner. Active since June 2014 this blog covers a wide array of personal finance topics like insurance, home loans, banking services, mutual funds, tax planning, stock markets, commodities like gold etc. works hard to empower their readers with the knowledge related to all kind of personal finance matters. They are working since Jan 2012 with a diverse set of clients’ profiles ranging from Service to Business persons, Professionals to retired, resident to NRIs.

Finance buddy

Finance Buddy is a financial weblog by Jitender Sharma active since Dec 2016. It shares all money-saving information with blog readers. It shares all new tips and helps to find resources about Credit Cards, Loans, Personal Finance, CIBIL, Credit Reports, high-interest Savings etc.

Credit Frog

It is an exclusive portal for credit card discussions and reviews. Credit frog was mainly created to build a better credit score, finding best credit cards as per the needs, securing credit cards from misuse and theft and finally to find best deals and discounts on credit cards.

Subra Money

SubraMoney conducts financial planning workshops within the corporate industry thus helping employees to save better, invest better and equipping smart people with the tools to get richer. It is a very useful blog which is followed by the main citizens of India as well as NRI’s.

Money Gyaan is a personal website started by Santanu Debnath with the idea to educate people about money, financial life, insurance, and investment.

Money Gyaan is a growing personal finance portal in India, aiming to educate people about how to handle money, or money related issues like online banking guides, investment tips, retirement planning etc.

Be Money Aware

This Blog mainly focuses on specific money-related topics such as filling income tax form or about EPF, PPF, Credit debt, loan, Investing. They often write in a simple language, with pictures and images and gives appropriate links so that people can get a complete picture of financial issues. Its Alexa Traffic Rank is 44,409.

The Financial Literates (TFLGuide)

TFLGuide is one of the old websites on this list. When I started writing on finance, I used to follow a few for the best blogs and TFLguide is one of them. This blog is run by Hemant Beniwal is a Certified Financial Planner. They also provide pa aid financial planning service, mutual fund investment etc.

Fundoo Professor

This blog is run by Prof. Sanjay Bakshi. Yes, he is one of the best minds behind Value Investing and Behavioral Finance. As a beginner, you might things advance here, but he is sharing some great analysis through his website.

Vipin Khandelwal

Vipin is an awesome guy who gained huge expertise from his own experiences in the finance domain. He regularly shares actionable ideas regarding financial planning, how to invest for the long term, how to create wealth, mutual fund investment guide etc. If you are looking for SEBI registered fee only financial planner, then you can contact him.

Mani Karthik

Mani has started hs blogging journey as hobby ike many of us. But gradually his blog got a good response as he was sharing some unique details, experiences through his blog in finance domain. Now his blog is one good place to find many useful articles, even besides personal finance also.

Plan Money Tax

This is an awesome website run by one of my blogging friend Chandrakant. He was working for CNBC and later on left his job and become a full-time personal finance blogger in India. You will find some in-dept articles on PPF account, UAN, Tax planning related mostly.

Nitin Bhatia is an expert person in both Real Estate and Personal Finance sector. He is one of the old players in this list of top finance blogs. Recently Nitin has started a YouTube channel where he is sharing his immense knowledge of the stock market, trading tips. It has gained more than 3 lakh subscribers so far.


This website contains a large amount of information about the latest financial news as well as trends in the markets. It also provides informative articles covering updates from US, Europe and Asian markets. The articles are easy to understand. It always tries to answer the basic questions that would have definitely come to a readers mind while reading the articles.

The calm investor

This blog contains comparatively short write-ups and easy to understand examples on the Indian market. It provides simple yet effective articles. This site is created to distill key learning on two topics which are improving the mind and body, and investing properly in the stock market.

Value investor India

This blog is written by Rohit Chauhan and it is a well thought of and informative blog about the Indian market. It has really good stories and portrays the happenings in the market using real-life examples. People who are looking for simplicity must definitely look into these articles.

Investment guru India

Investment guru India mainly focuses on prices and stock movements, IPOs listing and also gives relevant industry information. It lacks the insights of the author that other non-technical blogs provide. This is the only negative aspect that this blog is associated with.

Top Indian Personal Finance Blogs of 2018 (Run By Finance Companies) is Mint’s online portal and is among the fastest growing news website in India. provides daily national, international and business news, tracks market movements and detailed coverage of significant events. This site has evolved multimedia features like videos, podcasts, and slideshows.

Rupee planet

They write about things related to personal finance, investment, financial planning, insurance, real estate, the stock market and other financial products. Active since May 2017 this blog covers a wide array of personal finance topics like insurance, home loans, banking services etc.

Capital Mind

Capital Mind crunches data and brings financial insights on markets, economics and stocks. They highlights on the concepts like repo-rates and balance of payments, and dig deeper into concepts like futures and options. They also discuss about an annual budget analysis and is mainly useful for the active investor.

BankBazaar Blog

BankBazaar is an online marketplace that gives consumers access to customized rate quotes on loans, credit cards or personal finance products such as insurance policies, bank loans and credit card offers etc.

In 2008, with an initial capital of Rs. 45 lakh, was started, with a team of 6 people in Chennai. They offer their services through web and mobile platforms, through which consumers can search for offers, compare, and customize it.

BankBazaar offers customers the option to apply for Personal Loans, Car Loans, Home Loans, Credit Cards, Mutual Funds and Fixed Deposits.

Funds India Blog

Funds India is an online investment website headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and is owned by Wealth India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

It was initially created just for mutual funds but later introduced other investment products like stocks, corporate fixed deposits, bonds, and more.

Funds India was founded in 2009 by C.R. Chandrasekar and Srikanth Meenakshi, an alumnus of the University of Hyderabad.

Equity Master

This is built to empower every Indian investor with 100% independent and unbiased investing opinions. On 22 April 1996, Equity Master was found though they did not used to have their own domain at that time. They actually rented space on another website. The combined services of Equity master have over 1,764,790 users across 72 countries worldwide.

Money Life

Money Life is another good online magazine where one can get very good information on finance related topics. The best part of such website is that you will get the latest news in personal finance domain.

Credit Mantri

Credit Mantri intends to change the way credit is delivered in India by harnessing the power of technology and digital platform. Credit Mantri aims to reinvent the credit landscape by giving consumers access to responsible and transparent credit options.


Marketcalls by Rajandran R  is a Financial Analytics Portal based out of Bangalore with a global audience, which talks about Intelligent Trading analysis, Strategies, Strategy Design, Algorithmic trading, Personal Finance. Most of the visitors of this blog are core traders, professional investors, institutional traders and students willing to learn trading strategies.

Buyer Behaviour

This blog contains articles on consumer behavior such as consumer loyalty and consumer service which are pretty interesting and refreshing. It also informs about brand building and market positioning strategies.

Note: I have created this list to collect all useful top financial blogs at one place. I will be adding more blogs & websites gradually. If you feel your website also can be a part of this list of top Indian personal finance blog then I would request you to fill up the below form.

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