Top 10 Photo Editing Apps for Android 2016

Gone are the days when we used to carry our digicams for any holiday or for any other occasions. Now it’s only you & your mobile. Mobile photography has evolved a long path from just being a photo capturing machine to a complete photo editor. With each new model it is becoming more & more flexible the way you can modify your pictures using some awesome apps. In this article, I have listed out the top 10 photo editing apps for android which are contemporary in 2015.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2015

These apps give you great freedom of unleashing your creativity. These are some very powerful android photo editing apps with which you can enhance the beauty of your photographs making them unique.

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  1. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is one of the best photo editing apps for android. This is also the most-downloaded photo apps for Android. This is a dedicated camera app which comes with very strong editing features. VSCO gives an easy one-click fix for photos in the form of basic filters and has an Instagram-like user-uploads page.

  1. Afterlight

If quick and flawless editing is your requirement, then Afterlight will come as a handy for you. It is a very user-friendly image editing app with many editing tools and a larger number of filters. Other than Android, it can also be used for other major platforms such as Windows and iOS.

  1. Picsay

Picsay is another top android photo editing app which can create word balloon, stickers and texts into your pics which make it truly unique.  This award winning photo editing app have all the basic editing tools with some bonus features like Rainbow, Spotlight, Distort, Dizziness, Invert, Pixelate and Posters. By Picsay you can even add word balloon.

  1. Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express gives you the power users tool along with photoshop like effects such as pencils, posters, water color, sketch halftone and many more. With this powerful photo editing app you can quickly crop, resize, remove red eye, whiten teeth and fix an image.

  1. Over

Over is ideal for touching up your photos. This android photo editing app has a sleek design, easy-to-use functionality and immediate sharing facility. Now you can add artworks and beautiful typography to your images with standard and custom-made fonts and well-crafted artwork.

  1. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is one of the best image editing app for android.  With this multi-purpose photo editing app you can quickly and easily add overlays to your images. You can also utilize the more advanced features of this app like RGB curves, HSL tools and others. Now get creative with effects and different photos styles.

  1. Cymera

This multipurpose app allows you to capture and edit the pictures with more than 800 decoration options. With many types of filters, shooting mode, face detection and collage effects Cymera allows you to free draw and overlay decoration to make the photo editing experience exciting.

  1. Fragment

Fragment is another top android photo editing app which comes with appropriate photo editing tool and additional features that helps you to transform any image into totally unique. This app is also available on iOS platform. You can add prismatic art effects in a very quick and easy manner with this android camera apps.

  1. Befunky Photo Editor

Now redefine your mobile photography with this photo editing app. You can use the photo frame features like Polaroid, Halfstone, Filmstrip & make your photo stylish. With this android photo editing app, you can customize your images with many types of effects option.

  1. Snapseed

With Snapseed you can edit and customize a selection within your photo. Its many features include Brightness, contrast, and saturation with the automatic correction option. If you want more fine adjustments then it can be achieved with some touch-gestures.

So which is your fabourite android photo editing app? Share your experience below if you have used any of these photo editing apps for android.

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