Top 10 Best Split ACs With Free Installation in India

I have already shared a detailed guide on how to choose the best split AC in India and also what are the key factors to note down when you buy your first split AC. I have also shared why you should buy a Split AC compared to a Window Ac. But in this article, I am going to share about the free installation service with few of the best split ACs in India.

Most of time we forget to check whether the installation charges applied on your newly purchased AC or not. This is a very common factor when you go in any electronic showroom and buy any electronic product.

In most cases, they offer free installation only to encourage buyers to grab the product. But when you buy something online, you should read the complete terms & conditions carefully. In that context, the installation cost is also very important to consider.

What Is The Installation Charges For AC in India?

The installation charges will depend up on many thing like where exactly you want to fit the AC in your room. Whether there is any provision for keeping the compressor unit, how long the pipes need to set up etc.

These materials will cost you like anything from Rs 2500 – Rs 5000 or even more. I still remember when I bought my first Split AC from Reliance showroom, they charged me Rs 1500 for the installation.

But when I have changed my city and then again setup the AC in my new home, it took Rs 5000 as few of the pipes were damaged and need to replace with new one.

But the best part with online shopping is that, you can get this installation free waived off. I am not sure what things are covered in free installation, but if your home is equipped to set up the split AC easily, I don’t think there will be any room for extra installation expenses.

List of Split ACs With Free Installation in Amazon Bestseller

Online shopping has really make life very easy as you can simply save your time & money. Just cross check what are the things covered under free installation services before making your mind to buy the AC. Here are few of the most reviewed split Acs with free installation services online.

[amazon bestseller=”split AC With Free Installation”]

Just to make sure, you can call directly to the company to make sure whether the product you are buying from Amazon website promising free installation is true or not. Hope you have liked this article and get benefited from the same. Spend some to analyse every single point before any purchase and save money online.

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