5 Best Unlimited Broadband Plans in Bangalore

Looking for the best unlimited broadband plans in Bangalore? Then read through this article to find out which broadband connection is actually best for you.

Best Unlimited Broadband Plans in Bangalore

Now a days, we cannot think anything in our daily life without the Internet. A lot of our works like online shopping, financial management to our socializing needs & even for searching the perfect life partner, we are fully dependent on the Web.  But for all such requirements, we need a connection which gives us abundant usage but definitely with a reasonable price.

Best Broadband Connection in Bangalore

The below plans are the most popular broadband plans which will cost you monthly around Rs.1000.


 Broadband Plan

 Monthly Cost


 Tata Docomo


Power 2 Mbps 699


2Mbps download speed upto 10GB and unlimited free at 512Kbps thereafter




NetXpress 15Mbps


Rs.699 (1 month) – 15Mbps speed till 20GB and 512Kbps thereafter. Unlimited usage plan with no usage capping. Rs.2097 (3 months), Rs.4194 (6 months), Rs.6291 (9 months), Rs.7689 (1 year).




Rs.700 per month : 2Mbps download speed upto 25GB and unlimited usage at 512 Kbps thereafter.


Spectranet Advantage Fibre


Rs.799 per month : Unlimited plan offers download speed 20 Mbps upto 24 GB and 2 Mbps thereafter. Rental payable quarterly at Rs.2397.

ACT Fibernet

ACT Blaze


Rs.1049 per month : Download Speed 30Mbps upto 50GB (only downloads, uploads free) and 512Kbps thereafter (on fiber).

What makes them the Best Unlimited Broadband plans in Bangalore 

Most of the service providers claim to be the best. But who is actually perfect that depends on several factors like:

Connection Type: Whether it’s a wired or wireless connection plays a great role. Compared to wireless connections, wired connections are faster as there won’t be much cases of packet drops during the transmission process.

Customer Support: Downtimes will definitely be there for any service provider. But it is very important to provide 24/7 service for resolving the issues.

Equipment: The infrastructure & the equipment in use are very important as, the connections will be slow in case the equipment are not up to date.

Cost: Last but definitely not the least, cost is the prime factor for deciding the best unlimited broadband plans in Bangalore & every other city. A good connection with a reasonable price is the needed one.

Well, there are other connection there which may not be the best broadband connection in Bangalore but are playing fairly good in the market. Few of them are Reliance Communications, Idea Cellular, Airtel, Hathway, ANT Broadband etc. 

Which plan is better will depend on the individuals’ need as everyone has different requirement & budget. So which is the best unlimited broadband plans in Bangalore according to your needs?

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