Best Unlimited Broadband plans in Kolkata

Looking for best unlimited broadband plans in Kolkata? Then check out my experience after using an awesome broadband service in Hyderabad. I will try to share my points and limitations while choosing the best unlimited broadband plan in Kolkata.

Best unlimited Broadband plans in Kolkata

First of all the area I am staying has very limited access to many of the popular unlimited broadband service providers in Kolkata. So I have to choose among them only. But I have asked my friends and their friends about the broadband review they are using at home in Kolkata. 

Based on those feedback only I am accumulating couple of best unlimited broadband plans in Kolkata. By the way I am using Tata PhotonMax Wi Fi dongle at home to support 2 of my laptops. And frankly speaking I am happy by using their service, but 100%. I took Airtel broadband connection initially and but discovered few things gradually and found the plan is very costly compared to what others are providing. Anyway I will prepare another article about Airtel Broadband review.

Best unlimited broadband plans kolkata as per my experience

I am using Tata photonMax dongle plan @ Rs 999 for 40 GB unlimited download. maximum speed is 6 MBPS. I will not say this is the best plan in the market, but as I have mentioned earlier this is the best among the options I had. 2 laptops are running all the time at my home for blogging, accessing social media, WordPress, movie download and Youtube video access by my kid. 

But the connection is not flawless, as sometimes it’s got disconnected and I had to switch off and switch the device again. This is the only problem I am facing sometimes, but I am not complaining for this. The best part is you can access internet from any part of the home by plugin it wherever you want to at home.

But if you are looking for wire based broadband plans in kolkata, then there are couple of options for you. Let’s check out them.

Other best unlimited broadband plans in Kolkata

Company Name

Plan Name



Wish Net

Bronze Super

Rs.375 per month – unlimited broadband plan with download speed of 512Kbps. ISP cached content (peering content) downloads at 3Mbps speed.

Rs 375

Alliance Broadband

Prime 700 kbps

Rs.550 per month : 700 Kbps Unlimited Usage Plan. Up to 2Mbps speed during night happy Hours from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. Peered cached content will be available at 20Mbps speed.

Rs 550

BSNL Broadband

BBHome UL 545

Rs.545 per month : BSNL unlimited Plan at 512Kbps download speed. Annual plan at Rs.5995 (1 month free). Revised speed from 1st October 2015 : upto 2 Mbps till 1 GB and 512 Kbps afterwards. Fair usage limit will be 10GB in Tirupati, Kurnool, Anantpur, Warangal & Nellore of Andhra Pradesh circle.

Rs 545

Meghbala Broadband

Night Gold

Rs.600 (30 days) Night Usage Plan – Unlimited free usage at 512Kbps in night from 10pm to morning 8am.

Rs 600

Ortel Broadband

Ortel Kolkata Ultimate

Rs.620 per month – Speed 512Kbps, unlimited plan offering free downloads and uploads.

Rs 620

GTPL Broadband

Unlimited 512 kbps

Rs.609 (30 days) – Unlimited plan offering 512Kbps speed with no usage limit. Rs.1775 (3 months), Rs.3347 (6 months), Rs.5599 (1 year).

Rs 609

Tikona Broadband


Rs.2000 per quarter for 1Mbps Download Speed – No GB Limit – Speed Multiplier office pack. (8AM to 8PM – 1 Mbps and 8PM to 8AM – 512 Kbps)

Rs 667


When I was in Newtown Action Area 1, I have used Ortel communication’s Broadband and cable TV service. That was also a very good experience as you can combine both internet and TV cable network together and save huge money. Anyway what is you preferred best unlimited broadband plans in Kolkata?

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