Ask yourself this question, “Do you buy products online without reading the reviews?” If you are a savvy buyer, your answer should be a bold “No”. As a matter of fact, several reports agree that customer testimonials are way more effective than any other mode of online marketing. As a website owner, if you know how to use them, they can play an integral role in driving your conversions.

And if you run a WordPress website, you are in luck as there are a host of testimonial plugins that you can use on your website to help boost trust among your website visitors. But which is the best testimonial plugin for WordPress? Well, there is no single answer to this question as different plugins suit different websites.

But to make things easier, we have handpicked 7 of the best options for you. Browse through these options and you are sure to find one that perfectly meets your requirements.

1. Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is one of the most power-packed testimonial plugins for WordPress. It allows you to turn comments into testimonials, integrate your social media accounts and import them as testimonials, and create a dedicated page for testimonial submission. However, Thrive Ovation is a paid plugin that is available for single and multiple websites. If you get Thrive Theme Membership Plan, then you will get many more tools with Thrive Ovation at cheap price.

2. WPForms

WPForms is already very popular as a contact form plugin but it can also be used as a super convenient testimonial plugin for your website. It has a Post Submission add-on which can be activated to create a dedicated page for submitting testimonials. While WPForms is available in four different plans, this add-on is only available in Pro and Elite plans. You can save up to 50% using the latest WPForms Promo Code.

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3. Testimonial Slider

If you want your testimonial plugin to match with the responsive design of your website, Testimonial Slider is a great option. It allows you to add testimonials in the plain list or slider layout and enables you to include a contact form that the visitors can use to submit their testimonials. The mobile-ready plugin is available for free as well in a premium version with added features.

4. Easy Testimonial

Website owners searching for an easy-to-use testimonial plugin should definitely try Easy Testimonial plugin. The plugin can be used for adding a customer feedback form on the website for collecting testimonials. Once collected, use a shortcode to display them on your website. The testimonials can also be added as a widget or sidebar. The basic version of this plugin is free and you can upgrade to the premium version which has extra features if you like the plugin.

5. Testimonial Rotator

If you’ve just created a WordPress website and want to easily manage your website testimonials, Testimonial Rotator can deliver the expected results. It allows you to create a custom post type to let visitors submit testimonials. You can then display the same with the help of the widget option and a shortcode. It comes with a host of other features that make it one of the best free testimonial plugin for WordPress.

6. Strong Testimonials

If you are an experienced web developer, you are sure to like the developer-friendly features of Strong Testimonials. It allows you to add a front-end form for collecting testimonials and offers a host of display options like sliders. Moreover, it is translation-ready and integrates with a number of plugins such as WPGlobus, WPML, and Polylang. The free plugin also allows you to embed your reviews from social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

7. Testimonials Showcase

With Testimonials Showcase, you can display your customer testimonials in a slider or a grid. Just like most other testimonial plugins, it lets you add a front-end form for testimonial submission. The plugin is translation-ready, allowing you to collect feedback in many different languages and translate them into your preferred language. The paid plugin also comes with a number of template themes and advanced features such as advanced link option, shortcode generator, and more.


Customer testimonials are one of the best ways to build trust among potential customers and the testimonial plugins just make managing them far more convenient. Moreover, unlike many other types of WordPress plugins, testimonial plugins are easy to use. Even if you’ve built a new website and don’t have much experience with plugins, you’d still be able to use them easily.  

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But while downloading and using them is easy, selecting one is not. Try the top 7 testimonial plugins for WordPress discussed above to see what suits you best.