7 Best Black Friday WordPress Hosting Deals 2021 For Bloggers

A website is one of the most precious things for any user, for sure. What makes WordPress more efficient is the fact that the best-Managed WordPress Hosting powers it.

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Any of the website owners would surely want to make his WordPress site more reliable, secure, fast and efficient, and a properly managed WordPress hosting always achieves that. Most packages that anybody could find are still manageable, yet the preferable choice is to settle for the best.

And if it is the best which anybody wants, then here is a walkthrough over a few WordPress Hosting which people can consider for themselves to make their website better.

Managed WordPress Hosting Basic Price per month Black Friday deals
SiteGround $3.95/mo. 70% discount offer
WPX Hosting $24.99 /mo. 95% off for the first month or 3 months for free with Annual Billing
Flywheel $14/mo. Up to 35% off
Bluehost $ 2.95 /mo. (Discounted) $2.65/Month Hosting instead of actual $2.95/month
InMotion $7/mo. 44% off on Dedicated hosting along with Additional 10% off on selected servers
FastComet $ 69.95 /mo. 30% off on all types of hosting plans
A2 Hosting $ 6.78 /mo. 50% off on Dedicated Hosting

SiteGround Black Friday 2021 Sale

SiteGround is technically the most popular and top-rated hosting provider available for WordPress, and with this hosting, the users are going to get the full power to manage their site according to their choice.

In SiteGround, the users get the fastest servers, great WordPress security and along with that, they get the premium 24 x 7 expert WordPress support, which is quite rare in hosting providers.  Along with that, its users would be getting automatic WordPress updates in their site, free backups, CDN, and great tools.

SiteGround is such a hosting provider that provides excellent and multiple data centers, as it has its hosts distributed across the USA, Europe, and as well as Asia.

WPX Hosting Black Friday 2021 Deals

Black Friday Deal to Nov 27 to Nov 30, 2020 – 95% off for the first month or 3 months for free with Annual Billing

WPX Hosting is another great hosting provider, which was previously called Traffic Planet Hosting, yet still, it happens to be a great WordPress optimized hosting provider.

The best thing about WPX hosting is that the user is going to get free migration on his website over to their service, within just 24 hours. All the hosting provider companies don’t provide such services, yet it is allowed and could be achieved in WPX hosting.

People would be getting discounted rates on their service and great tools to operate their sites this way.

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FlyWheel Black Friday 2021 Promo

Black Friday Deal – Up to 35% off valid till Ending Dec, 2018

The flywheel is one of the fastest hosting providers for WordPress, providing a high speed overall, along with great performance and the users also get all the support to run any of the WordPress sites smoothly. Along with that, it becomes easier to build a self-owned website and making it run properly.

It is such a hosting provider that has been optimized for speed, scale, and security, delivering the best always. Along with that, a user would get such plans which are rich in features and can even get his site migrated for free. Also, these plans include auto backups and automatic WordPress updates.

Other features include built-in caching as well as CDN integration and SSL support.

Bluehost Black Friday 2021 Discount

Black Friday Deal – $2.65/Month Hosting

Bluehost is one of the most reliable and the oldest web hosting providers out there, making sure its users get the best, every time. Also, it has become one of the biggest brands for WordPress hosting. BlueHost features something amazing, which most of the other hosting providers can’t provide, i.e. an official ‘WordPress’ recommended hosting provider.

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In Bluehost, people get to experience faster speeds, really faster. This means that any user doesn’t have to worry about his site being slow, even if they expect a lot of traffic. Their 24 x 7 customer service is going to be helping their users all the time, via email or live chat.

Bluehost is voted as number 1, every time and in every aspect. Along with that, if a user wants the best deals, then there is no better event than Black Friday or events as such. Make sure to pick the right Bluehost hosting plan.

InMotion Black Friday Hosting Deals

Black Friday Deal – 44% off on Dedicated hosting + Additional 10% off on selected servers

InMotion has one of the fastest servers, providing their strong uptime performance, and an average page loading time of 808ms, quite better than most of the other hosting providers. In a nutshell, InMotion is 10% faster than other hosting providers.

InMotion supports Open Source projects, which is quite rare among hosting providers. In InMotion, the user is going to get everything that he wants for content management systems, like WordPress and Drupal to shopping carts or other things like eCommerce systems such as Magento.

InMotion has such a WordPress hosting, which comes with the Sucuri security plugin known to scan the entire site for risks, and that too on a regular basis, providing remote backups for the site, anti-spam, and anti-virus protection as a bonus.

FastComet Black Friday Promotion

Black Friday Deal – 30% off on all types of hosting plans

FastComet, unlike most of the other WordPress hosting providers, happens to be the best kind of hosting solution as it provides dedicated hosting solutions, and along with that, a proper domain management system is also included.

FastComet has been quite trending for a long time now, giving great deals on its hosting plans and has its servers distributed across the US, UK, and Netherlands. It even has its newly based servers in Germany, Singapore, and Japan too.

Also, this hosting provider is working on getting its hosting providers distributed over other places as well.

A2 Hosting Black Friday 2021 Sale

Black Friday Deal – 50% off on Dedicated Hosting

A2 Hosting, in the end, has been one of the best providers for the WordPress sites, making it possible to manage any of the WordPress sites well and providing amazing plans overall. Even if a user has less traffic, it is going to provide fantastic support, and also holds the site together which is a great feature of A2 Hosting.

It is straightforward to manage and makes sure that even if the site crashes a lot, with A2 hosting, the site would be fixed, forever. Along with that, the users get a commitment of the customer support that it is the best option for which anybody could technically choose A2 Hosting.

The users also get amazing speeds, security as well as a bunch of features which other developers and users usually look forward to.


As promised at the beginning of the article we have discussed the best Black Friday Managed WordPress Hosting Deals so that the user can take valuable information from this article and select an appropriate choice for them.