Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India 2018 | How To Buy Air Cooler

Planning to buy the best Air cooler to beat the summer? Buying an air conditioner could be the best if we consider the comfort point of view. But an air conditioner cost too high than an air cooler. If you want to buy a split AC then check out the below article to buy the best AC.

Anyway, we are concentrating here to buy an affordable air cooler without burning our pocket. Air coolers are easier to handle in another way also. In my initial days of job life, I have to change cities and in-fact areas within the city due to job project changes. So I took my first air cooler with me easily where ever I went.

But in case of Air conditioner, it is a headache. You have to call the professionals to uninstall the same and install it again. But these can’t be a reason not to buy an AC compared to coolers.

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Things to remember while buying the best air cooler

Why I want to stress on this point is because air coolers operate in a different way. We have to put water and that water will evaporate and cool the room. In that case, if you live in a place like Kolkata or Chennai where humidity sometimes crosses more than 95%, do you think you cooler will be able to cool the room by spreading more evaporated water? If you are thinking how these air coolers work, then visit this wiki page.

Few more factors could be like how modern is your air cooler? Can you operate the air cooler by a remote? Can you put ice cube externally to increase the cooling effect? Can your cooler handle voltage fluctuations or have a facility to connect with a stabilizer?

I hope if you try to answer these questions you can easily buy the best air cooler.

Top 10 cheapest air coolers to buy between Rs 5000 – 7500 price range

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If you visit your nearby electronic shop, then you can buy any local made cooler at the cheapest price. In-fact they hardly cost you around Rs 2500 max.

But if you have a kid at home, then stay away from these coolers, they are not much safe. Checkout the coolest options available in the market among the best air cooler brands like Symphony, Bajaj Cooler, and Khaitan etc.

You can even visit Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal to find out the best deals among air coolers. I took few of such details from these websites which could be useful. If you want to buy an air cooler with many features then you have to pay a good price for that. By the time you check for the price, they may change. So look for the best price by doing proper research.

But if you have a budget to spend between Rs 15,000 – 20,000, then I would say it is better to buy a split AC. There is no comparison when you talk about comfort and coolness. I would rather say it is better to buy a cooler with the price under Rs 5,000 to handle this summer. May be by next summer you can settle down and then buy an air conditioner.

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  1. Symphony air cooler winter is very nice. i show this cooler at my friends home. my friend and his whole family happy with the cooler’s cooling and performance. the cooler looks is attractive and my friend told me that the body structure of the cooler dust proof which is nice. he also told me that the cooler not only cools the room but also keep it fresh for long time.really symphony makes nice product for customers and also in nice rate.

  2. I give tips to all my family members and near ones that, if you want to buy air cooler then only buy symphony’s air cooler. the company provides amazing coolers at best price and best qualities. i have two models of symphony one is jumbo and another is diet 22i, both are working well. company also gives best after sales services. i am happy with my coolers.

  3. One of my cousin was looking for an air cooler for her room and she was in trouble to selecting which company to go for. I had bought her symphony’s hi cool air cooler which comes in with a 31 ltr tank capacity,humidity control and powerful air throw. she was little bit surprised when i gifted her the cooler but when she started using it she realized that Symphony air cooler really works awesome. All these features have made her relief of cooler so much useful.

  4. I have just 3 members in my family and i wanted such cooler which i could be movable from here to there easily with affordable price and consumes less energy too, these things are i found in symphony ice cube sir cooler and i am too happy, one of my friend suggested me about this cooler, even the features are also very good, i am happily shift here to there this cooler and yes it is very enough for small family members too. thank you so much symphony.

  5. last season of summer i bought window 41 XL air cooler, and honestly my summer was really awesome, i mean i never felt like exhausted in summer, the features what that cooler has was amazing, like it has dura pump technology, cool flow dispenser, and most important it has 41 ltr water tank capacity so i did not need to fill the water now and then, even it has auto louvers too. such an amazing features my air cooler having, i have used it and enjoyed it, so i am suggesting you guys go with symphony air cooler and enjoy your this summer just like me.

  6. Hello friends, For branded quality air coolers visit our online portal where you find variety, best features, reasonable price which is very much in favour of middle class people. For more details regarding features and price for different models contact us @ 91-90 6888 6888.

  7. Hii all i have symphony’s jumbo cooler at my office and i am feeling very happy to have this. the cooler has very nice features like big water tank and dust proof body and also shock proof. the cooler has brilliant technology of cooling name dura-pump. i have this from last 2 years and i have no problem regarding this cooler. i suggest this to everyone.

  8. i have bought symphony air cooler window for my mother,and she is very happy with cooler. it is a small size with many has a powerful blower and a large 51 ltr tank capacity amazing feature that like the most is it has in float valve for auto water refill.and also powerful air throw auto swing also.even the price is also like in pocket level so any one can effort it easily. i just enjoy that my mother is happy.

  9. hi Santanu
    i want to buy cooler do you suggest which one is better sympony hi cool i / usha cl 201 ae

  10. hi, santanu
    I am from kolkata and i want buy a cooler so please can you suggest me that which cooler will best for me in kolkata. I will wait your reply before buying.


    1. Hi Sagar, I am not sure whether cooler will fit the weather in Kolkata, Its already very humid here. If you can please go with AC only in Kolkata.

  11. I stay in Mumbai and i need to cool a large corridor waiting area of about 1500 ft open at both ends. An AC is not feasible. In the given scenario, if i had to put 2 coolers, which is the one you would recommend. Size and noise are both important factors here.
    thank you

  12. hello santanu..i have a question..
    is local made coller is better than brand names coller like symphony,khaitan etc..plz answer

    1. If you are a bachelor or planning to buy an AC in next 1-2 year then I think local cooler is not a bad idea. It is very very cheap compared to branded coolers.

  13. I want to looking best air cooler for my bedroom .. Room size is 300sq. Ft… Please suggest one aircooler… My native is Madurai

  14. hi, i want to buy a cooler and i am confused and my budget is 10,000.
    please suggest which one to buy.

    1. Pls go with the local made cooler only, rather incrase your budget and buy an AC. I have purchased a Shymphony cooler @ 9000. But later I realized the local made one is far better @ 2000 only. But if look is a concern then Shymphony is good.

  15. I am confused to select a air cooler, could you please suggest the best one so that I won’t regret after buying it. my bed room space is 1250 Cubic feet (10*9*12.5)W*H*L.

    I may move to hall some times which is 1550 cubic feet when ever required.

  16. Hi Santhu I want buy a air cooler for this summer which is already stated by Feb it self plz sugest me a best air cooler to beat this summer …n my budget is 15000rs

  17. Heloo santanu.. I would like to take a cooler of 70 litrs. My budget is up to Rs12000. could we have any company cooler below my of budget? I heard that, in USHA we can get. Is it right?

  18. Hi, your website is very useful, I hardly knew anything about AC. I want one suggestion;
    I stay in Mumbai on rent , flat is 700/800 sft , there is french window in room nd hall. owner will not allow AC if it will damage wall. I Heard big whole is created in wall to put the water pipe / water discharge from AC/ split Ac.

    1. Will Split Ac damage wall ??
    2. In case , no which one is suitable?
    3. Any I want to buy only 1 Ac / Split Ac which can cool hall also , as simultaneously fan in hall will pull Cool area from room.

    Please advice…

  19. thanks for the article..tremendous review.great worked! now i deeply understand about air conditioner.i try to figure out lately until i find your blog.god bless u..i will bookmark your site

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