How to Buy Gold on Dhanteras 2016 – Tips & Tricks

Do you know when is Dhanteras 2015? If not, then let me tell you that Dhanteras 2015 is on 9th November 2015, just few days later only. Buying Gold on Dhanteras is considered as auspicious. many people wait for this day to buy gold. In fact this is a good habit of investment also as buying gold for long term can give a very good return. In India now you can invest in Gold in many formats, but on Dhanteras people mostly prefer to buy Gold jewelry, gold coins, gold bars etc.

You can look for various Dhanteras gold offers online to save money as many online shopping portals are offering great deals online. E.g. check out Amazon Dhanteras deals, Paytm Dhanteras Sale etc. Not only that, look for your local popular Gold Jewelery showrooms for attracting offers to buy Gold on Dhanteras with offers.

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Top 5 Tips to Buy Gold on Dhanteras 2015

I don’t think these are strictly some tips to invest in Gold, rather some reason to buy Gold on this Dhanteras 2015 and few common facts that I want to share that we should keep in mind while buying gold.

1) Must Buy Gold On this Dhanteras 2015

The current price of gold in India is Rs 27,500 levels per 10 gm. But if you look at 2014 Gold prices, it was Rs 31,400 per 10 gram and Rs 32,485 on the previous Dhanteras. Gold price has been lowing down, but as per historical data it will up in future again. in 2011, the price of Gold on Dhanteras was around Rs 27,150/ 10 grams. So, don’t miss the oppurtunity of buying gold as the rate is low comparatively.

2) How to Check purity of Gold

This is one of the most asked question when buying Gold in any occasion. As per my knowledge, it is always better to go with the reputed gold showrooms & brands even though they charge a little extra. You can be assured that you are buying 100% pure gold. E.g. Tanishq, PC Chandra Jewellers, Anjali Jewellers Kolkata, Shyam Sundar Jewellers, Malabar gold and diamonds, Senco Gold Jewellers, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri  etc.

3) Gold bars are better than Jewelry

Mostly people prefer to buy Jewelery on Dhanteras 2015. But if you have a different plan and want to utilize this auspicious day then it is always better to invest in Gold in bar or coin format. This way you can make sure better purity & quality also. In case of jewelry you have pay extra for making charges and also the purity will never be 100%. The selling value of jewelery is also not much when compared to gold bars or gold coins.

4) Look for online Dhanteras Sales to save maximum

In the age of online shopping, don’t simply trust on your local gold shop. You should look for popular online shopping portals in India like Paytm, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart for many offers & discounts. Not only that you can also buy gold bars & coins from banks as many banks run special campaigns on Dhanteras to sell gold coins.

5) Explore more options to Buy Gold in India

Do you know how many ways you can buy gold in India now a days? We have talked about Gold coins & bars. But beside that also you can invest in Gold via Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Gold accounts, Gold mining stocks, Gold Fund of Funds ways. I think you can change the typical way of buying gold on Dhanteras 2015 and choose a different path this time which will serve your investment as well as gold buying need.

What is your reason to buy gold on this Dhanteras 2015? Share your experience and query by writing a simple comment below.

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