How To Change Address in SBI Account (Email, Mobile Number, Transfer)

Can I change my SBI bank address online? If are you wondering how to change SBI account address, email id, net banking mobile number, username, net banking mobile number online, then you are at the right place.

One can’t change SBI account details online. Most of the SBI account related activities are branch specific. But it is possible to change the SBI net banking mobile number & net banking password online.

But again there is a dependency with branch again. If your SBI account branch is in the same city then you will find the process quite easy.

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But in case your SBI account opening branch is different than your current city then you will find many problems. When someone changes a city the first thing he/she wants to do is to change net banking mobile number. But you will not be able to do that as only account opening branch has that authority to approve.

In this article, we will discuss how to change the SBI net banking mobile number online and also how to change the SBI account address.

If your SBI account branch and your current cities are the same then you don’t have to worry much. For others, the best way is to transfer the SBI account branch from the old city to the new city.

Can I transfer my SBI account online? from one branch to another branch

To transfer your SBI account branch you have to submit a handwritten application stating your request of transfer from this branch to your target branch. Provide your account details and target branch’s branch code details. Submit that form to the branch manager.

It will take some time, around 4-5 days for any city. Anyway, it is not mandatory as postal delay can possible in case of SBI. After that, you have to visit your current city branch and ask for the status of account transfer. They will update you as soon as they receive the details. Now your next step should be changed SBI account address details and net banking mobile number.

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In case there is no scope for you to visit the old city, then you have to send the application form by post. I had a bad experience in that case as my old branch never receive that application.

Even I have tried to mail them or call that branch. But nothing worked. Anyway luckily I have visited my previous city for some work and at that time I have submitted the written application form to transfer my SBI savings account to my current city.

How to change SBI Account address details

I assume that your SBI branch is in the same city or you might have transferred the account to your current city. In that case simply go to your local branch office, fill up the SBI account address change form.

Provide necessary address proof with photo identity proof and submit that form. In case you have done KYC already you may directly ask for KYC data update with new address details.

What are the documents required for change of address in SBI bank?

You have to provide your latest communication address proof like Passport, Driving Licence, Voter Identity Card, and NREGA Card, Electricity bill, telephone bill, credit card bill, bank statement etc. You also have to submit a photo ID proof which you can manage easily by showing your Aadhaar card, PAN card etc.

How to change SBI net banking mobile number online

Now, this is something you can do partially via the onlinesbi portal. Simply follow below step by step process and change your net banking mobile number easily.

1) Login to your onlinesbi account and look for the Profile tab in the menu bar.

2) On click Profile option it will ask for your profile password. Provide your profile password. SBI profile password is not the same password you have used for login. This is a further security step. As soon as you access your profile data you will get an SMS saying you have access your onlinesbi password. I like this feature.

3) Anyway, look for Personal details option and click on that. You can find out a screen like below with name, email address, and mobile net banking mobile number change online 1

4) One can change email address and display name as well from these options. Anyway, we will click on change option beside the mobile number.

5) In the next screen provide your new mobile number and click on submit button.

sbi net banking mobile number change online 2

6) In the next screen, you have to choose the branch where you want to submit this application. You will find your SBI account branch name only in this option. Choose that and click on submit button.

sbi net banking mobile number change online 3

7) In the next screen, you can see that your application is submitted. And it will ask you to download the form and submit that form with your signature in the SBI branch. You have to take this form print out only where your mobile number and account details will be generated from the system itself. Any other similar form of handwritten information will not be accepted.

8) On submission of the form in the branch, it will take max 1 day to update your net banking mobile number. Now enjoy SBI mobile banking with your new number.

How to change email id in SBI net banking

  • Log into
  • Navigate to”Profile-Personal Details-Change email ID “ under “My Accounts”, appearing on the left panel of the screen.
  • On the next page, select the Account number, input the email ID and click on Submit.
  • Changes to the email address can be self-approved using OTP sent to your registered mobile No.
  • Alternatively, you can also select the branch approval option and submit the same at the branch.
  • The branch will do the approval.
  • Status of mapping will be advised to you on your updated email ID.

How to change SBI net banking login username

This is one thing that you can’t change. Frankly speaking, there is no point in changing the username. In case you forget SBI net banking username, then you can use the forget option and retrieve the username. But there is no option to change your SBI savings account username.

So, if you have any doubt regarding how to change SBI savings account address, email id, net banking mobile number or net banking password, then you can write a comment below and share your doubts.

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Can I transfer money to SBI PPF account online from another bank?

Yes, you have to add your SBI PPF account to your other bank account as a payee using the ADD Payee process. And then like other bank account transfer, simply transfer the money to your SBI PPF account.

If you have SBI savings account with net banking access, then you can add your SBI PPF account with the same SBI net banking login and then easily transfer money from your SBI savings account to SBI PPF account online.

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  1. How to Change Address in SBI Account? एसबीआई खाते में पता कैसे बदलें?

  2. I have created my net banking and also able to view my account balance however I cannot transfer to other account where asking to upgrade for transfer money.. is it necessary to visit the branch or can be done by net banking itself?

  3. I am not sure my signature is found in my,i view my signature in sbi net banking.i want to pay by check .

  4. Hi, I want to change my mobile number for SMS services. As i stay in other country i cant visit the branch and even i can’t change my number online as i want to change my number to international mobile number. With in how many days i have to submit the online number registration form to the branch?

  5. I have two sbi account and I want to close one old account.
    I was request to the old branch manager for transfer the CIF No. but still my CIF No. change for new account.
    what I do.

  6. Hey Santanu, I just had a query. i have an SBI account in chennai, Tamil Nadu. At Present i am living in UK. How can i update my new mobile number for both net banking and account details? And also my old registered number has got deactivated.

    1. You should go to your branch in which your account you made and just ask for “address changing form” and fill up. You’re done. Happy Banking. xD

  7. If I want to change my Name in SBI bank records do I need to visit bank to change my name or It will work online? As there is option to change name online.

  8. how to see birthday on net banking… by mistake i put my wrong information …and how to change it again

    1. I think you can update your profile data, but how come the account opened with a wrong date of birth? Verification & KYC process is not completed? Strange.

  9. Hi,

    My mobile number had closed around 5 months ago then I tried to submit application to update new mobile number in nearest SBI Branch but they refused and told me that, submit this application to your home branch then I took leave from my office and visited home branch which is around 70KM from residence and submitted application to update my mobile number. After 5 days I have noticed that my mobile is still not updated then register complaint online and did follow up around 5 times, then they updated number for SMS alert only, I am still not receiving OTP on my mobile number, now they are saying that, you have to again visit to your home branch and need to submit new application for OTP. So this is nice service of SBI bank.


    1. Hi viswakarma i too face the same issue, its been 3 days already and it didnt approved so far. Real shame as they called themselves as the largest bank.

    2. yes the same situation me too. but only difference is my brance is 350km away.
      even i tried both SMS service and ATM service for update pathetic useless SBI

  10. Hi,
    Santnu, mere sbi account len den jayada ho gaya hai to mein is account ko band karwana chahta hoon bank wale puchenge to nai ki kya Karan se band karwa rahe ho

  11. sir i want to change my registered number with sbi because my number hasbeen lost about 1 month ago and it was taken from shop with the help of my friends maternal uncle and now he is in foreign. how can i renew my registered number ? can it possible with the help of sbi atm ? i just took net banking userid & password as provided 3 days before by bank but due to unavailability of registered mobilenumber i cant set my profile ready for net banking.

  12. Hi sir
    My wife hold the sbi account in her maiden name . Now in order to apply for reissue of passport after marriage the account statement is needed with her father in law address. Its is possible to apply for the address change on the basis of marriage certificate and ration card (in laws) which is having her name on it .
    Can we also request to change her name since after marriage the husband name is added along with wife name .
    Pls advice

    1. I think changing SBI address is not that difficult. Even you can change your name by preparing an affidavit only and use the same while changing the address.

  13. Hi Santanu,

    I just want to change my SBI Branch address from Hyd to Bangalore.
    As you told we need to visit the bank what are the mandatory documents we need to carry for this purpose.Please give me details.


    1. Nothing Ramya. Simply visit the branch and collect the form to transfer account. After that submit the form to target branch. make sure you provide the Bangalore branch address correct.

  14. Hi Santanu,

    Thank you for writing this article. It is informative.
    I wanted to get my passport address changed after marriage. Does SBI passbook work as an address proof?

    (P.s: I have an updated aadhar card too)

    1. Yes, SBI passbook works as an address proof provided you are submitting a copy of your last six months statement and your passbook front page carrying your photograph.. i did it my passport with SBI passbook. 🙂

  15. Hi,

    AS there is no option of changing address online in SBI, I got it changed after visiting the bank branch. Filled up the address change form and submitted the address proof. the address change was successfully done by the branch and the new address is reflecting in local branch system.

    But when I logged into SBI online it is still showing the old address. Contacted the branch and was told that it is a bug in their system because of which the new address is not reflecting in online account system. Though being aware of the issue SBI people are helpless and have done nothing.

    Sharing to know if this issue is faced by other people also…


    1. I think it’s not possible for SBI. You have to visit to your branch and fill up the customer application form with your new address.

  16. Hi,

    Thanks for this helpful information, Really it great article for me.

    Shashi Kapoor

  17. i have one id of netbanking of sbi but how to set profile passward of sbi net banking

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