How To Update Bank Mobile Number Using ATM

Now a days changing a city due to job change is very common. In such a scenario many times we have to change our mobile numbers. And the biggest problem we face due to that, is our banking activities as they are linked with the mobile number.

Changing your mobile number linked with the Bank to get regular SMS, OTP and other transactions alerts has become very easy now. Many banks offer online facility to change your registered mobile number, but few banks do not allow that. E.g. in case of SBI, you  have to visit the branch and fill up a form and submit the same. But now you can do the same thing using an ATM also.

Steps to register mobile number to get SMS alerts without visiting a branch

So, the point of the article is very simple. You can update your mobile number linked with the bank without visiting any bank branch itself. The steps below are for those who don’t want to visit the bank but want to update the registered mobile number from ATM only. But make sure that, you must visit only the SBI ATM, if you want to change your SBI registered mobile number.

1. First of all visit your nearest bank ATM.
2. Insert your ATM debit card and enter PIN number carefully.
3. Every bank ATM might have different options and setting on the login screen. Try to find out the mobile number update option.
4. Select the option and enter your 10 digit mobile number then press the continue or save option.
5. Next you will get a confirmation message asking for “Do you want to save ? with YES and NO options”
6. Select YES option and complete the process.

You should get an SMS saying that your bank account linked mobile number is changed successfully. In case you have experienced the similar process, then please share your experience by writing a simple comment below.

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