How to check lic policy status without online registration

Do you find it difficult to check your LIC policy status online? Or do you visit your nearest LIC office regularly to get updates about your LIC policy?

Although checking LIC policy status online is one of the easiest task in the world, but still there are many problems as most people forget their password, doesn’t able to remember the LIC online portal navigation etc. Anyway, I prefer to access online portal mostly to pay LIC policy premium online & check other details.

To make the process more simpler, LIC of India has launched more facilities to know your policy status without registering online. Yes, now one can know their LIC policy details by calling to a helpline number or even by sending SMS. In this article I will share in detail how you can check various details of your insurance policy using your smartphone.

Check LIC policy status by calling LIC’s IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)

Now you can dial a dedicated helpline number to know your policy details. You have to dial the number 1251 adding your city specific STD code before the number. After that you will listen a voice instruction to choose from various options you want to check for your policy.

Be ready with your LIC policy number to verify you details first. For BSNL or MTNL users, the process might be fine, but for non-BSNL users, you may find some issue. Don’t worry, keep trying or try the 2nd method to know your policy status that I will explain next.

So far, this facility is not started operating across India. Only in few cities like Asansol, Allahabad, Aurangabad, Bareilly, Coimbatore, Dharwad, Gorakhpur, Gwalior, Hazaribagh, Jodhpur, Jammu, Kozhikode, Kota, Kolhapur, Meerut, Mysore, Nashik, Patna, Pondicherry, Rajkot, Ranchi, Salem, Surat, Shillong, Shimla, Thanjavur, Vadodara and Varanasi IVRS facility is working.

Check your LIC policy details by sending SMS from your mobile phone

Now this is the most effective and handy way to check your LIC policy status and details. You have to send a simple SMS to 56767877 (with short code) or 9222492224 (with long code). Your desired details will come to your mobile phone. But to send a correct SMS you should know each code properly, to get the specific information.

Check out various such codes to access your policy details via SMS.

  • PREM (Premium)-To check the premium due for your policy.
  • REV (Revival) -If a policy already lapsed, then to check the revival amount payable.
  • BONUS-Amount of bonus accumulated as of today.
  • LOAN-Amount of loan you can avail from your policy
  • NOM (Nomination) -To know the details of a nomination.

If you have a pension policy from LIC and want to check the details for the same, then type any of the below code to send SMS.

  • STAT-IPP Policy status
  • ECDUE-Existence certificate due
  • ANNPD-Last pension released date
  • PDTHRU-Pension payment through (CHQ/ECS/NEFT)
  • AMOUNT-Pension amount
  • CHQRET-Cheque return information

How to send SMS to know my LIC policy status?

Simply type ASKLIC <YOUR POLICY No.> <CODE to get information> and send to 56767877. Make sure you have provided a single space between these words and also type your policy number carefully.

Did you tried this new facilities to know your LIC policy status and other details online without registering to LIC website? How is your experience, did you find any issues? Share your feedback & experience here by writing a simple comment below.

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    Bharat Parmar
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    1. Thanks Bharat for finding it useful. LIC policy online portal is really helpful as one can pay lic policy premiums without waiting for Agents. 🙂

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