How to Choose Income Tax eFiling Website – Tips and Tricks

choose income tax efiling websiteAre you looking for an income tax efiling website to file your income tax return online? Then you must check out these 10 income tax efiling websites to file your IT return.

But do you know how to choose an income tax efiling website? These IT return portals are very popular these days as they can take your entire tension regarding income tax return filing and do all calculation.

Not only that, one can track IT return status online very easily. But remember that you have to pay a fee to avail the services from that income tax efiling website. To file your income tax return online for free you have to do your own by visiting Income Tax India website.

Why Income Tax eFiling Website is better

Do you think that you have paid your income tax and you are done? No, you have to file your income tax return online or offline to the Tax Department. And this is one of the toughest job for many people.

But no need to worry as there are many ways to file IT returns in India without any hassle. With the launch of many income tax efiling websites this task has become even more convenient for tax payers. Here we will compare why these income tax efiling websites are better than conventional IT return process.

  • We are not at all talking about the offline way to file IT return. Even tax department has their own website to file IT return online. The comparison will be between income tax department portal vs these third party portals.
  • The best way to file income tax return by own is by visiting the portal. Simply register with your PAN number and download the IT return form. There are various forms and you should know which one you have to download and fill. Now this is the tricky part here. The more complex your income sources, the more number of forms and more complex will be your income tax calculation process. If you don’t want to take those tensions, then simply approach any income tax efiling consultant or online portal. They will take necessary information from you and then file your income tax return online easily.
  • Now many people don’t trust providing information to these websites. So they hire a tax consultant who will collect form-16 and other documents and file your IT return. But here the problem is to track income tax filing status. Sometimes you may call that guy several times and may not get any reply. In that case choosing an income tax efiling website is far better. As one can track every small information easily while sitting at home. For any query you can even contact their 24X7 call center as well, if such facility provided.
  • The best part of choosing a income tax efiling website is one can get easy reminders about your IT return due dates. Most of us forget to fill income tax return and for which tax department used to extend these dates every year. Although you will get IT return due reminder from various sources, but still by choosing any of these income tax e filing portal, you can add one more option. 🙂

Check out the various plans offered by such portals. The very basic plan will be the cheapest one which will be applicable for a less complicated tax profile person. So it is better to talk to them before choosing your plan as per your tax paln.

Why are you discouraging Income Tax eFiling by own

I am not discouraging anyone to avoid filling IT return by own and go with any of the income tax efiling websites. In fact filling IT return by own should be our responsibility. And it is absolutely free if you go with the Tax department provided websites.

But you have to be confident with what exactly you are going to do. Do you know our tax laws are very complex? Many times we miss small information during IT return filing procedure which may cause problem later.

As a salaried employee it is very easy to file income tax return with form-16. But again if you have invested in many financial tools, have assets, bought properties, then your income tax calculation will be different. If you file your IT return wrongly, then be ready to get a tax notice. So it is always advised to be either 100% confident with our income tax rules or take help from a CA or tax consultant to file your IT return online properly, the rest is up to you.

What is the Best Way to File Income Tax Return?

In case your income and investment structure is less complex & you know all the basic income tax rules and sections which could apply on your investments,  then I think best way to file income tax return will be by manually. Simply visit portal, download ITR-1 or ITR-2 or other applicable forms. Fill those forms with your form-16 data one by one.

Anytime you need any clarification there are many income tax related websites where you can put your questions and get clarified. Finally upload the forms and wait for the further update. In fact tax department has come a long way; you will get many SMS alerts & check income tax return status.  Not convinced, then hire a CA or choose an income tax efiling website.

One final point I want to share, even if you choose these income tax efiling websites, you have to send the acknowledgement slip to Bangalore CPC office via post office by yourself only (after successful efiling). I don’t think any of these third party portals will do that for you.

So even if you are ready to pay a small amount for the tax calculations, but be aware that you have to go to the post office later to courier that slip. You choose any of best online tax return website India. Share your experience below if you did file your income tax return online for free or with any charge.

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  1. These days, efiling is pretty much the easiest way to file. They will help outline exactly what information you need and what isn’t important. Thanks for the tips.

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