How To Earn 11.79% Interest from Fixed Deposit Schemes

After recent changes in small savings scheme interest rates, fixed deposit schemes are most hit financial instrument which lost their popularity. If you look for best small savings scheme tool right now in market, Fixed deposits are one of the best way to invest money for many people.

But now if you look for the current fixed deposit rate in India, you will simply get strange. It’s hard 8.25% max without considering your net income. Then how can some get maximum interest rate on fixed deposits? In this article I will share about company fixed deposit schemes which are different from post office or bank deposits and why they are providing highest interest on FD schemes when others are not able to.

What is Company or Corporate Fixed Deposit Schemes?

Actually besides bank and post offices, there are many corporate houses or companies who are also providing Fixed deposit schemes with higher interest rates, so that they can attract people. Like bank and post office, they are also collecting money for their business development only in the name of FD schemes. But due to the high interest rates, many people think that these are scam products or not recommended for investment.

But this is not the fact. There are certain criteria to judge a company fixed deposit scheme before investing. You have to follow those criteria and rating system to invest on those FD schemes.

How to decide on a good company FD or Corporate FD scheme

As you are thinking about investing in corporate FD schemes, then the very first thing you have to do is to know which company is good for such investment.

Check highest interest rates offered

Find out who is offering maximum interest rates as you should not miss the maximum return as you are ready to take some extra risk on investment.

The maximum duration and amount

Look for the amount of investment and also what is the maximum period. For this kind of investment products, you should start investing with a minimal amount for say rs 10,000 and the duration of around 1-2 years max. This is help you to know and trust about the company gradually.

What is the credit rating of the Corporate deposit scheme?

Do you know that credit ratings are one of the best criteria to judge how good an investment product is. One of such popular credit rating provider is CRISIL. Look for CRISIL ratings for every corporate FD schemes to get good idea.

How To Get 11.79% Interest from Company Fixed Deposit Schemes

Now there are many such companies who are providing very good interest amount. Check out the below table with a small comparison chart with interest rates.

Company Name Period (Months) Rate Of Interest (%) Annual Yield (%) Sr. Citizen (%)
PNB Housing Finance
12 8.00 8.00 8.25
24 8.00 8.32 8.25
36 8.25 8.95 8.50
48 8.25 9.33 8.50
60 8.25 10.15 8.50
120 8.10 11.79 8.35
Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited – UNNATI Fixed Deposits
12 8.75 8.75 9.00
24 8.75 9.14 9.00
36 9.00 9.84 9.25
48 9.00 10.29 9.25
60 9.00 10.77 9.25
Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL) – AASHRAY Deposit Plus
12 8.75 8.75 8.75
24 9.00 9.62 8.75
36 9.00 10.07 8.75
48 9.00 10.55 8.75
60 9.00 11.05 8.75
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited – SAMRUDDI Fixed Deposits
12 8.45 8.45 9.25
24 8.45 8.80 9.50
36 8.45 9.18 9.50
48 8.45 9.58 9.50
60 8.45 10.00 9.50

Key Highlights of Company Fixed Deposit Schemes

  • Minimum Amount: Rs. 10,000/-
  • Non-Cumulative Interest Option available-Through ECS Mode.
  • Additional Interest for Senior Citizens.
  • NRI can also invest.
  • TDS applicable, where Interest is more than Rs. 5,000/- per Financial Year.

Do your research properly before investing in corporate fixed deposit schemes as they are always risky compared to post office or bank deposit schemes. But to get a good return you have to take risk as per your capability. Share your queries or any experience here and how much interest you  have earned by investing in such FD scheme.

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