Top 7 High Rated Corporate/Company Fixed Deposits with Interest Rates 2015

Have you invested in high rated corporate fixed deposits? Do you worry always whether you should invest in company fixed deposit with higher interest rates? Right now when RBI has cut the deposit rates for small savings schemes, these high rated corporate fixed deposits are coming into picture as their interest rates are still stagnant and looking very high compared to current small deposit schemes.

In this article I will share such Top 7 high rated corporate fixed deposit schemes with their interest rates and also share whether you should invest in such schemes.

Top 7 high rated corporate fixed deposits

Generally company fixed deposit doesn’t have a good reputation in market. many people think that they are not trust worthy and they might withdraw the scheme anytime and you may loose your entire amount. But one think need to accept that company fixed deposit schemes provide the maximum interest rates compared to any schemes.

Then should I invest in such corporate fixed deposits?

Yes, you can invest in such schemes but you have to follow 2 things to make sure the scheme is good enough.

  • First check out the rating of that company fixed deposit. Don’t compromise anything other than AAA rating.
  • Check out the history of the company and how they have performed in last couple of years.
  • Also check how much diversified your investment will be when you invest in such products.

Here I am sharing such High Rating Company Fixed Deposit schemes with their current interest rates 2015.

AAA-Rated Company Deposits Interest Rate
Shriram Transport Finance


Mahindra & Mahindra Finance Services 9.25%
Bajaj Finance 9.25%
PNB Housing Finance 8.50%
HDFC 8.50%
LIC Housing Finance 9%
Gruh Finance 8.75%
Sundaram BNP Paribas Home Finance 9%

Don’t forget that these are not net interest rate, as per your income tax slab 2015 your net yield will be calculated. But one thing is sure that you will get better return compared to bank fixed deposit schemes.

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