7 Effective Diabetic Foot Care Tips (Skin and Foot Care for Diabetes)

How should diabetics take care of their feet

If you are facing the common diabetic foot problems, you must be aware about these solutions and tips for diabetic foot care and take better care of your feet. One of the most harmful disease that has occurred in the recent times is Diabetes. It happens mainly due to the change in lifestyle, more exposure to sun, impure blood etc.

Diabetes is basically an health issues related to blood sugar level and it can cause serve damage to your skin and foot as well. If you are a diabetic patient, then you need to care for your skin and foot to avoid diabetic foot pain and swelling.

There are many other affects of diabetes such as kidney failure, skin disorder, chance of heart stroke etc. Here are few solutions on skin and foot care for diabetics that you might find helpful.

Common Diabetic Foot Problems

Foot problems in diabetes are can be a nightmare for a patient with diabetes. These are mainly caused by damage to both large and small blood vessels. Infection, diabetic foot ulcer and neuropathic osteoarthropathy are few of the common foot syndromes of diabetic foot. So how to take care of your feet to prevent these symptoms? Let’s checkout some very effective tips for diabetic foot care.

Diabetic Foot Treatment and Tips

Don’t Take Hot Showers: If you want to avoid irritation, then don’t take shower on hot water. It also makes your skin week and leaves pain. Avoid using harsh soaps to avoid scars or any kind of disturbance.

Use Moisturiser: Using moisturiser on your skin can make your skin hydrated. Apply it just after taking the bath. You need to apply foot care cream and gently massage it onto your foot to get relieve from the pain and swelling. Take special care for the folded areas such as underarms, knee folds etc.

Choose Shoes In a Careful Manner: To avoid the irritation or swelling, try to be very selective while choosing your shoes. If you don’t get a proper pair of shoes, it will not improve your foot step and hence it will increase your foot pressure. This will result in foot ulcers.

Keep your skin dry: To avoid any kind of irritation or pain, you need to pat dry your skin properly. Leaving wet, the skin can swell fast. Don’t walk in bare foot and always wear a proper pair of shoes. Buy socks that are good in quality and can keep your feet clean and fit.

Go for Regular Check-ups: It is better to go for regular check-ups if you are a diabetic patient. Regular visits can make you feel more easy to deal with this harsh disease. Doctors can notice the small changes that occurs which we can’t and hence you can be more careful while doing things.

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Walk More: If you are a diabetic patient, the most important thing that you need to do is to take care of your skin and feet. Walk More to keep yourself fit and healthy. You should always do morning walk or take an evening walk for 30 minutes or so. This will keep your blood circulation level proper and hence you will get relief from the pain.

Go Fragrance-Free: Going fragrance free is good if you are a diabetic patient. Dn’t wash your hand with soap frequently as it can make your hand dry. Applying any kind of  cream with high fragrance can cause your skin irritation. Try to avoid these kind of cream or hand soaps.

So these are some of the tips and solutions for diabetic foot care that you might find helpful. Please feel free to share if you know any other effective diabetic foot treatment.

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