black friday deals

7 Best Black Friday WordPress Hosting Deals 2020 For Bloggers

A website is one of the most precious things for any user, for sure. What makes WordPress more efficient is the fact that the best-Managed WordPress Hosting powers it. If any of the users wants his WordPress site to be one of the most outstanding,…

logo design trends

Top 5 Logo Design Trends for 2020 (Build Your Own Brand)

Anyone who understands the importance of creating brand identity knows the significance of having a unique logo design. A logo defines the vision of a company in the most creative and minimalist way. It’s like a recognition tool in the head of consumers who identify…

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5 Monthly Billing Hosting Companies in India 2020

Looking for the best month to month web hosting plan in India? Do you know which companies provide WordPress hosting plans billed monthly basis? What is Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting? Generally, in the case of web hosting, companies share minimum annual plans or 36-month hosting plans,…

web hosting deals

5 Best Web Hosting For Small Business in 2020

What is the best web hosting site for small business? I am sure if you are a small business owner and planning to launch your e-commerce website for the first time then choosing the best web hosting providers in India is a very difficult task. There…

Rankraft Digital Media

Social Media Marketing For Small Business: Rankraft Digital Media

Who doesn’t like to hangout on social media? No doubt, everyone does! There are several reasons behind this – connecting new people, finding useful videos, promoting business, etc. The reason may be anything, but having a social media presence is highly important for all today….