Top 5 Easy Leftover Rice Recipes Indian Style – Don’t Waste!

how to use left overs don not waste foodYou might be thinking why I am sharing easy leftover rice Indian recipes here? Actually Today I have observed my neighbor dumping some left over rice and when I asked her she replied it happens sometimes. Then I shared her what she can do with this leftover rice without wasting everyday. Frankly speaking I am a big fan of “panta bhat” (leftover rice soaked in water overnight), but for this generation people there are other ways to make them fall in love with leftover rice. Anyway, in this article I will share few awesome left over rice recipes Indian style, with which you can save food and also give your family a new type of flavor.

Best Easy to Make Leftover Rice Indian Recipes

1. Panta Bhat or Simply Soaked Rice in water overnight: This is one of my favorite way of having left over rice mostly at home. I don’t know how many are aware about that, but I am sure many people who have watched little bit of a village life are well aware about this. Simply put water in your left over rice in the previous night. Next day morning drain out the water and have the rice with dry chili and some boiled potato or fried brinjals or ‘begun bhaja’.

2. Vegetable or Chicken Fried Rice: This is a very common and most convenient way to have left over rice. One can easily make a veg / chicken fried rice with them and you may not be able to recognize whether they have prepared from fresh rice or left over rice. In fact for your kids this is the best way to make an easy to cook recipe when they are too hungry!

3. Dum Biriyani Recipe with Left Over Rice: Don’t get strange when I say Biriyani with left over rice. Yes, you can do that very easily. For that you have to make sure your left over rice was in the refrigerator overnight so that they loose their softness. This will help them to gain their softness while cooking again in Dum. Don’t follow typical Dum biriyani recipe in this case at least. Make sure your chicken is cooked well and just for 10 minute maximum they will get a chance to cook together.

4. Crispy Pakora Recipe with Left Over Rice: Pakora is a very simple recipe and I think one of the best way to utilize any kind of left over food. In case of left over rice, simply mesh them and mix vegetables, onion, chili, maida etc to make round balls. You can add various other spices and flavors to take the experiment to the next level. Now deep fry them and enjoy a rainy day.

5. Sweet Dish: Here I am strictly mentioning about a Kheer or Bengali Payesh recipe. You can recook the left over rice in milk with various dry fruits and sugar to make a thick payesh.

I know there are many more such innovative and easy to cook recipes one can prepare with left over rice. Frequently I heard about Rice cake in Doraemon episodes, but I really don’t know how to make rice cake 🙂 You may try your self and make rice cake with left over rice and share your thoughts here.

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