9 eCommerce Website Design Tips You Must Follow in 2020

Building an online might help you earn huge gains. But before you make your move, you need to know most of the business. And, talking about online stores, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy person or a millionaire to set up an online business.

So, are you planning to set up an online store?

Well, if you are, then I must say that you have landed in the best spot because here in this article I’ll be discussing the things that you need to focus on before you start with your online store.

So, let’s not waste any time and jump directly into the details.

1. Craft A Fabulous “About Us” Page

The page that helps online businesses earn the trust of their potential customers is “About Us”. And that is why it gets so much of attention.

When a website visitor appears on your website with proper intentions to buy something from you, would you let him go just because the buyer couldn’t trust you much?

No, right? Yes, and that’s the same scenario for everyone. And that’s why they focus so much to make their “About Us” page as much trustworthy as possible.

They try to put all their client testimonials and the best of their user reviews there.

So, if you are looking forward to building your own eCommerce website, then this is the first stepping stone for you.

2. Work Along with Other Brands

Would buy from someone of whom you’ve never heard of? You won’t, right?

Yes, no one would.

So, to make your brand the darling of your users, the thing that deserves your much-needed attention is partnering with several other brands.

So, when other brands that have a strong user base hear about your brand from them, the users are bound to trust you.

By this, I didn’t mean that to earn much trust you need to partner with industry biggies, but brands with a medium customer base can help you get your job done.

And this directly refers to the fact that the more partner brands you have the better you become in the eyes of your audience.

3. Try to Deliver the Best Online Support

The people who will come to your website, might face issues with anything regarding the purchase or even after the purchase.

If such a thing happens, then they’ll be expecting that you’ll be there to help them.

So, if you can hit the button here, you’ll have a massive chance of achieving some loyal customers who’ll eventually turn into your evangelists. They’ll refer your brand to other people and they themselves will also come back and forth to buy from you.

Another thing to mention, if you become successful in providing live chat support 24*7 to your website visitors, you are likely to see 10% more conversions than you have been experiencing currently.

4. Provide Such Payment Options That Are More Popular to Your Buyers

To run your eCommerce business, you need customers, you need conversions and most importantly, you need transactions. And to make transactions happen, you need to include payment options for your business.

In such cases, PayPal is the best fit for any eCommerce website.

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But if you are planning to opt for something that is a bit cheaper than PayPal but is not much popular, you might face severe issues in your payment gateway.

Yes, if the payment option that you are providing is not popular enough, your about to become successful conversions will soon get nullified as your customers will leave the payment gateway as soon as they find that they are not enough comfortable with the payment options that you provide.

5. Excellent Web Designing Is the Key

No matter how good your products are, if your potential buyers can’t find them easily, they are of no use.

Kissmetrics says, 93% of potential buyers take appearance as the most necessary part while performing purchases.

Your website’s design is meant to navigate your customers flawlessly so that they don’t face any problems or obstacles while making successful purchases.

So, to earn great customers, you need to hire good enough web designers to craft the best web design for your website.

6. Optimize Your Blogs for Search Engines

Blogs are meant to generate inbound web traffic.

But they can do the same only when they have been optimized properly. So, if you can optimize your blogs in a very good manner, your blogs will rank very well in the SERPs, and that’ll help your potential buyers find you out.

Also, blogs are your way of communicating with your audience.

So, if you can craft informative blogs with original and interesting images, you’ll blog will definitely spread the charm.

Use several SEO tools to make your blogs well optimized and craft them in a fabulous way, and they are ready to bring you a good number of leads.

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7. Optimize Your Website as Well

Also, your website needs to be SEO friendly as well.

Yes, not all keyword fit well in blogs, so when people will search using those keywords which were relevant to your business but weren’t present in your blogs then I’m quite sure that you’ll lose out a good number of potential buyers.

No matter how well optimized your blogs are if your website isn’t optimized well enough, you are not going to get the amount of revenue you deserve.

8. Make Sure That Your Website Is Responsive Enough

Online purchases have spread all over the internet world. And what is even more surprising in this event, is the fact that people who perform these online purchases, mostly do the same from their phones.

So, I guess you already understood what I’m going to say. You need to craft your website in such a responsive way that it fits well in every screen size, be it a mobile, a tab or a desktop.

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Nowadays, techy buyers can also figure out if a website is responsive enough to fit their screens, and if they find you disappointing, they’ll never return to your site and even they might give negative reviews about your business in public. And, that’ll be even worse for your online store.

9. Spread the Word Over Social Media

Spreading the word through social media is something that urban social media experts look forward to. And no wonder as your potential buyers also spend their time over there, there is a good scope for you to reach out to them using social handles.

And, all these are quite an easy task to perform.

All you need to do is, find out the social media channels that are most famous among your potential buyers using Google Analytics.


Setting up an eCommerce store might seem tough for a beginner, but then again, everything that hasn’t been approached before seems tough.

Follow these tips and give it a try, you never know what happens next.

So, here I come to the end of this article. I hope it solved your queries and has helped you enough in kick-starting your dream startup. If you have any more inquiries, feel at liberty to give us a call.

Author Bio: Derek Luise is working as a Jr. content writer and blogger with Ethane Technologies. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.