10 Best Employee Monitoring Software: Ensuring Productivity and Security

In the modern workplace, where remote work and flexible hours are becoming the norm, it can be challenging for businesses to maintain employee productivity and ensure the security of sensitive information. This is where employee monitoring software comes into play. These powerful tools provide employers with the means to track, measure, and optimize employee performance while safeguarding critical data. In this blog post, we will explore five top-rated employee monitoring software solutions: SentryPC, Teramind, ActivTrak, iMonitorSoft, and Hubstaff.

  1. SentryPC

SentryPC is an all-in-one employee monitoring solution that offers comprehensive features to help businesses enhance productivity and security. Its user-friendly interface allows employers to monitor employees’ activities in real-time and obtain detailed reports.

Key Features:

a. Website and Application Monitoring: SentryPC enables employers to track website visits and applications used during work hours, ensuring employees stay focused on essential tasks.

b. Keystroke Logging: The software records all keystrokes, providing insight into employee communications and detecting any suspicious activities.

c. Screenshots: SentryPC takes periodic screenshots, giving employers a visual representation of employees’ computer activities.

d. Time Tracking: This feature allows businesses to measure employee work hours accurately and optimize productivity.

e. Remote Management: With SentryPC, employers can monitor and manage employees working remotely, ensuring they stay on track.

  1. Teramind

Teramind is a powerful employee monitoring software that focuses on employee behavior analytics. Its advanced features aid in detecting insider threats and optimizing employee productivity.

Key Features:

a. User Behavior Analytics: Teramind employs AI-powered behavior analytics to identify unusual or risky employee behavior, helping prevent data breaches.

b. Insider Threat Detection: The software can recognize potential insider threats and suspicious activities to protect sensitive data.

c. Productivity Analysis: Teramind provides productivity insights, enabling businesses to identify time-wasting activities and optimize workflows.

d. Data Loss Prevention (DLP): The DLP feature prevents data leaks by monitoring and controlling the movement of sensitive information.

e. Compliance Monitoring: Teramind assists companies in adhering to various regulatory compliance requirements.

  1. ActivTrak

ActivTrak is a cloud-based employee monitoring software known for its simplicity and effectiveness. It is suitable for both remote and in-office teams, helping employers gain visibility into employee activities.

Key Features:

a. Activity Tracking: ActivTrak records application and website usage, allowing employers to assess how employees spend their time during work hours.

b. Alarm and Notification System: The software provides real-time alerts for specific activities, such as accessing prohibited websites or high-risk actions.

c. Productivity Insights: ActivTrak offers productivity metrics and reports to identify areas of improvement and encourage optimal performance.

d. Remote Monitoring: Employers can access monitoring data remotely, making it ideal for managing remote teams.

e. Data Privacy: ActivTrak prioritizes data privacy, ensuring that personal information remains secure and anonymous during the monitoring process.

  1. iMonitorSoft

iMonitorSoft is a comprehensive employee monitoring software designed to enhance productivity, ensure data security, and streamline employee management.

Key Features:

a. Internet Usage Monitoring: iMonitorSoft tracks internet usage, preventing employees from visiting non-work-related websites.

b. Application Monitoring: The software records application usage, helping employers understand how employees use various tools and software.

c. Email and Chat Monitoring: iMonitorSoft monitors emails and chats to ensure efficient communication and maintain professional conduct.

d. File Activity Tracking: Employers can keep track of files accessed, transferred, or deleted to prevent data breaches.

e. Time Tracking and Attendance: iMonitorSoft accurately records employee work hours and attendance.

  1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a popular time tracking and employee monitoring software designed to help businesses manage remote teams effectively.

Key Features:

a. Time Tracking: Hubstaff tracks time spent on tasks and projects, facilitating accurate billing and payroll management.

b. GPS and Location Tracking: This feature is particularly useful for businesses with field employees, ensuring they are on-site during work hours.

c. Productivity Monitoring: Hubstaff provides productivity insights and activity levels to identify areas of improvement.

d. Online Timesheets: Employers can generate online timesheets for better project and resource management.

e. Payroll Integration: The software seamlessly integrates with payroll tools to streamline the payment process.

  1. VeriClock

VeriClock is a top-notch employee monitoring software that specializes in time tracking and attendance management. It caters to businesses with remote and mobile workforces, making it an excellent choice for companies with field employees.

Key Features:

a. Mobile App Time Tracking: VeriClock’s mobile app allows employees to clock in and out from their smartphones, providing accurate time tracking for on-the-go workers.

b. Geolocation Tracking: The software uses GPS technology to verify the location of employees when they clock in or out, ensuring they are working from the designated areas.

c. Job and Project Costing: VeriClock enables businesses to allocate labor costs to specific projects or clients for better financial analysis.

d. Real-Time Reporting: Employers can access real-time reports to monitor attendance and track employee hours effortlessly.

e. Payroll Integration: VeriClock seamlessly integrates with payroll systems, streamlining the payroll process and reducing manual data entry.

  1. InterGuard

InterGuard is a comprehensive employee monitoring software designed to boost productivity, prevent data breaches, and monitor employee behavior.

Key Features:

a. Web Filtering: InterGuard allows businesses to block access to non-work-related websites, reducing distractions and improving focus.

b. Data Loss Prevention (DLP): The software monitors and controls data movement to prevent accidental or intentional data leaks.

c. Insider Threat Detection: InterGuard uses advanced behavior analytics to identify suspicious activities and potential insider threats.

d. Application Monitoring: Employers can track application usage to understand how employees utilize software during work hours.

e. Email and Chat Monitoring: InterGuard captures and records emails and chat conversations, ensuring compliance and professionalism.

  1. Work Examiner

Work Examiner is a versatile employee monitoring solution suitable for businesses of all sizes, providing comprehensive insights into employee productivity and internet usage.

Key Features:

a. Internet Usage Tracking: Work Examiner records employees’ internet activities, allowing employers to identify time-wasting websites and applications.

b. Productivity Reports: The software generates detailed reports on employee productivity, enabling businesses to optimize workflows.

c. Remote Monitoring: Employers can access monitoring data remotely, making it convenient for managing distributed teams.

d. Employee Screenshots: Work Examiner captures screenshots at regular intervals to gain a visual overview of employees’ computer activities.

e. Application Whitelisting and Blacklisting: Work Examiner allows employers to control which applications employees can access during work hours.

  1. Controlio

Controlio is an employee monitoring software designed to improve productivity, maintain data security, and monitor employee actions in real-time.

Key Features:

a. Keystroke Logging: Controlio records keystrokes, providing insight into employee communication and activities.

b. Application and Website Tracking: Employers can monitor application and website usage to ensure employees stay on task.

c. Real-Time Alerts: Controlio sends real-time alerts for suspicious or unauthorized activities, helping prevent potential security breaches.

d. File Tracking: The software tracks file access and transfer, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized sharing.

e. Stealth Mode: Controlio offers a stealth mode option, running discreetly in the background without being detected by employees.

  1. Veriato

Veriato is an advanced employee monitoring software that specializes in insider threat detection, behavior analytics, and data protection.

Key Features:

a. User Behavior Analytics: Veriato employs AI-powered behavior analytics to identify risky employee behavior and potential insider threats.

b. Email and Chat Monitoring: The software captures email and chat communications to ensure compliance and prevent data leaks.

c. Screen Recording: Veriato records employees’ screens, providing employers with a visual representation of their activities.

d. Web Threat Detection: The software detects and blocks access to potentially dangerous websites, enhancing security.

e. Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Veriato monitors and controls data movement on endpoints to prevent data breaches.

  1. Hourly

Hourly is a specialized time tracking software designed to assist businesses in accurately monitoring employee work hours and managing project time allocation.

Key Features:

a. Time Tracking: Hourly tracks employee work hours and breaks, facilitating accurate payroll and billing.

b. Project Time Allocation: Employers can assign specific time budgets to projects, helping manage resources efficiently.

c. Invoicing and Payments: Hourly generates detailed invoices based on tracked hours, streamlining the payment process.

d. Team Collaboration: The software allows team members to collaborate on projects and tasks in real-time.

e. Reporting and Analytics: Hourly provides comprehensive reports on employee time allocation, aiding in project analysis and decision-making.


Employee monitoring software has become an essential tool for businesses aiming to boost productivity and ensure data security. The five options discussed in this blog post – SentryPC, Teramind, ActivTrak, iMonitorSoft, and Hubstaff – offer unique features tailored to various business needs. Before making a decision, it’s essential for businesses to evaluate their requirements and choose the software that aligns best with their objectives. By implementing the right employee monitoring software, businesses can enhance efficiency, maintain security, and create a more productive work environment for their employees.

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