How to Generate Rent Receipt Online

Want to generate rent receipt online or are you’re looking for a rent receipt format online?

In this part of a year everyone is looking rent receipt format to claim their income tax. House rent allowance is one of the most common declaration. Almost everyone, who are living in a rented house want to avail this benefit.

But rules have changed, as PAN number of house owner or landlord is mandatory to provide, if the rent paid is more than Rs 8333/month or 1 lakh / year. In case the owner does not have a PAN number then a declaration with the property details and address has to be provided.

So, according to this rule if your monthly rent paid amount is Rs 8,333.00/- or less then only you do not have to provide landlord’s PAN number.

In this article we will find out how one can find a rent receipt format and use the same to claim HRA benefit. In fact one can generate rent receipt online itself.

generate rent receipt format online
A Typical Rent Receipt Format That One Can Find in Any Book-Shop

How to generate rent receipt online?

If you search in Google with the term “rent receipt format” you will find many of such results. But still it’s confusing as most of us are not sure which format to use according to Indian income tax rules.

Recently I found a very useful website in one of the popular Facebook personal finance group “Asan Ideas for Wealth“. You can check out the link here.

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Simply put your and your owner’s details properly and click on the button to generate the rent receipt online. If your Rent is less than 8,033 than PAN number is not mandatory.

The number of month range you will select accordingly receipts will generate. You simply have to take the print out and put a revenue stamp on it. Then get it signed by your land lord or house owner. You are done with your house rent allowance (HRA) proof.

What is the exact format of rent receipt?

It is not mandatory that one should use that tool mentioned above. There are plenty of such rent receipt formats available online.

If you go to a book shop and ask for a rent receipt book they also can provide you a very good rent receipt book. And believe that was a very well document and colorful one, although not mandatory.

But here the question is what is the mandatory information one should provide while filling rent receipt? Let’s check out a very basic format of a rent receipt that will be enough to claim HRA.

  • Your House Owner’s Name and Address
  • Your details and the house address
  • Rent amount clearly mentioned
  • Date on which it has been signed
  • Signature of your house owner
  • A revenue-stamp mandatory
  • If owner is ready to provide then the PAN no. of owner, else provide the declaration

Now you have the proper rent receipt format in your hand, but are you sure that your landlord or house owner is going to sign these receipts?

In real life I know that most people face this problem and there I feel the loophole for this new rule where rent payer is always in the problem side.

As a rent payer if one pay rent more than 8,033 / month and his/her owner doesn’t sign the receipts for them, then there is no valid way to handle this scenario. I know how everyone is managing this situation and claim HRA although it’s unethical.

What do you do in this scenario? Any tips to resolve this issue? Is your house owner kind enough to sign the rent receipt or provide the declaration saying that he/she don’t have PAN number?

Did you generate Rent Receipt Online with this link or you have downloaded from other link? I think this is the best place one can share his/her experience with useful tips to handle this common problem.

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  1. Please be aware that revenue stamp is only necessary if you pay rent by cash. In case of cheque or electronic payment, there is no need for revenue stamp.

  2. Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank rent receipt to fill out?

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