Google Alternatives 2020: Best Search Engines To Use Other Than Google

If someone ask you which is the best search engine in the world? Without any doubt almost everyone will reply with Google search engine. But is there a better search engine than Google? What are the other search engines apart from Google? In this article I will share about the Google alternatives that is also growing their presence in the market of search engine.

The size of Google is so huge that, people don’t feel the need to think about any alternative to Google search. With the evolution of blogging, the more & more user generated contents are flooding the internet and Google is not the the only source to provide proper search results, Let’s find out the available Google alternatives in 2018.

Top 5 Best Google Search Engine Alternatives

If you have not yet thought about this topic, means anything beyond Google yet, then I am sure you will find this article very much interesting and useful.

Bing –

Bing is one of the fastest growing search engine after Google. This is from Microsoft and in this field from long time. Although they are trying to increase the market share from long time competing with Google and has been improved a lot over the period of time.

DuckDuckGo –

If you are looking for user privacy search engines, then I am sure that DuckDuckGo is the top in the list. DuckDuckGo is built on open source platform and doesn’t collect or sell any of data from your search history. When Google find your search queries from single source, DuckDuckGo uses more than 400 sources to collect and return the right answers for your search query. You will also get the infinite scrolling feature, so that you don’t have to navigate the next page.

Baidu –

Do you know which search engine is popular in china? It’s Baidu. It was founded back in 2000 and rapidly grow as one of the best search engine. It’s market share is increasing steadily and according to Wikipedia, Baidu is serving billion of search queries per month. It is currently ranked at position 4, in the Alexa Rankings. – is another good alternative of Google search engine. But the search results are not that much accurate as Google is returning. But still you can take a look at this and find out how this can be beneficial for you.

StartPage –

Privacy-focused search engines are growing as the demand is increasing and StartPage is another example for the same. This search engine will also protect you from ‘filter bubbles’.

So these are the top 5 Alternatives to Google Search Engine 2018, as per my understanding. I know there are many other search engines available and I would like to know if you have experienced with a better one besides these 5. Please write a comment below and share your preferences also if any.