Guide To Buying a Car At The End Of The Year and Its Benefits

buy a car in india

After your home sweet home, it is your car that accounts for the biggest and the most prominent purchase of your life. Hence, while you think of purchasing a car, make sure you time your purchase well. Most of the buyers in India prefer investing in a car during the festival season, i.e. around Dhanteras or Diwali. However, the ideal time is found to be the end of the year.

So, if you are eagerly interested in buying a car, scroll down to know everything about investing in a car at the year’s end.

Why The Year’s End Is a Lucrative To Buy a Car?

Experts recommend buying a car in December due to the following reasons.

Meeting Targets

December is considered to be a leaner period in terms of car sales. Also, during this period, most of the car dealers are under pressure to meet their targets and clear their stocks. Therefore, you can leverage this opportunity to ask for better discounts and grab the best deals. 

Increase in Price

The price of cars increases on a Year on Year basis. So, instead of waiting for the car’s latest new model and pay more, it is ideal to buy the old model of the new car. With this, you’ll save huge bucks in your pocket.

For example, if you find a car priced at Rs. 5 lakh in 2019, it may appreciate in 2020 and be priced at 5.20 lakh. So, by purchasing the car in December 2019, you will straight away save Rs. 20,000.

Year-End Offers

In comparison to other months, you get a higher number of offers in December. Be it for stock clearing or other reason, you know that you are at a benefit with lucrative deals. As the wedding season in North India too falls around December, you clearly have the edge of extracting some extra discounts from the car dealers.

Free Insurance Schemes

The biggest reason or say the biggest benefit of buying a car at year’s end is saving money on car insurance. Car dealers have a tie-up with different insurance companies to offer lucrative car insurance schemes to the buyers. Some dealers may even offer free insurance schemes that eventually amount to savings.

How To Bag The Best Deal On Your Car?

Be prepared to bargain: Phrases like, ‘We Will Wait’ or ‘We Are Getting a Better Deal From Another Dealership’ will work for you to get the best deal.

Do your homework: If there are multiple dealerships of a manufacturer, visit a few dealer stores and use the knowledge acquired to push for better deals at the next dealer showroom you visit.

With these simple tips in mind, you can bag yourself the best deal available on the desired model of a car. Unless you are a person, who continuously changes his vehicle, December is the best time of the year to invest in a car. So, wait for the year to end to get started!

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