HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan – Get cancer cover of 20 lakh for less than Rs 5 / day

HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan is a health insurance plan of its kind, specially designed to provide cancer cover to the policy holder. Under this policy, one will get lumpsum amount benefit on diagnosis of Minor and/or Major Cancer which can be used for cancer treatment. Cancer is becoming very frequent now a days and that’s why insurance companies are preparing health insurance plans to cover only cancer care or cancer treatment & HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan from HFDC Life is an example for the same.

HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan Review Lisa Ray

HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan Key Features

HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan is available in 3 format and one can get cancer cover up to Rs 40 lakh max. The cancer treatment diagnosis stage is important as the cost of treatment depend on that only. Check out the key features & benefits of HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan.

  • Under this policy on of diagnosis of Cancer,  100% of Sum Assured can be paid to policy holder.
  • HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan provide only 7-day survival (waiting) period from diagnosis required to claim for benefit payout. That means a policy holder have to survive min 7 days after cancer diagnosis to avail the cancer cover from HDFC Life.
  • This policy has a waiting period of 6 month. Means after buying this policy one have to wait till 6 month completion to avail the benefits of HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan.
  • Future premiums for next 3 years will be waived in case the policy holder opt for a partial payment for any cancer treatment. In such case form fourth month onward, you have to pay premium.
  • No pre-policy medical test required, but if you are diagnosed with pre-existing cancer then this policy will not help you.
  • Under this policy, as soon as the benefit is paid, the policy will stop on the very next time. There is no survival benefit or maturity benefit with this HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan.

Types of HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan

As already mentioned, HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan offer 3 different types of cancer cover. They are mentioned below:

HDFC Life Cancer Care Silver: Under this option, policy holder will be paid the 100% sum assured in case of cancer diagnosed at advanced stage. In case it is early stage, then initially 25% will be paid and rest 75% will be paid on later on advance stage or some other cancer diagnosed if the previous one got treated.

HDFC Life Cancer Care Gold: Under this option, your cancer cover will increase every year by 10% till the sum assured value get doubled. But this rule will be applied only if you can continue this plan without doing any claim.

HDFC Life Cancer Care Platinum: Under this HDFC Life Cancer Care Premium plan you will also get some income option with cancer cover in case diagnosed with cancer in advanced stage. Policy holder will get 1% of sum assured for every month till 5 years besides 100% payout.

How to apply HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan

Before applying HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan, check out more details like HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan premium calculations, documents required etc. Check out HDFC Life Cancer care Calculator to get your premium details.

One can easily apply HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan by visiting their online portal. Simply fill up the details and buy the policy online. In case of any doubt contact HDFC Life customer care toll free number 1800-266-9777. For more information, visit HDFC Life Official Website.

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