Get HDFC Personal Loan in 10 Seconds – Really?

Have you tried HDFC personal loan in 10 seconds? Recently I was reading many reviews about HDFC personal loan and found many mixed reviews about this how to apply HDFC personal loan in 10 seconds topic. Many people find it a scam as HDFC people actually trying to convince them to sell an investment product or buy an insurance policy. Many people find the interest rate of HDFC personal loan is very high that’s why they are ready to give personal loan in 10 seconds etc.

But do you really believe you can get a loan in 10 seconds? I believe it is very difficult to get a call back within 10 seconds of your personal loan application online. But let me explain how to get a loan from HDFC bank in 10 seconds.

How To Apply HDFC Personal Loan Online in 10 Seconds

First of all you may get many calls regarding personal loan daily if you are a working professional. Same way I got many calls from HDFC bank as well. But did not respond at all until I need a loan. I have applied to the personal loan using the HDFC bank link.

After that I got a call from HDFC personal loan department and started the discussion. That person told me to provide all necessary documents and then a special interest rate as I was a corporate customer and they have some tie-up with my company etc.

In next 2 days, the person came to me and collect all the documents and filled up the application form with my signatures. Remember that your income proof is a must while applying for personal loan. After all verification I got the personal loan amount disbursed in my HDFC bank savings account.

How To Get HDFC personal Loan in 10 seconds?

Now this is a new system launched by HDFC bank where only existing HDFC bank account holders can apply for personal loan or any kind of loan accessing the net banking facility. As soon as you log in to your HDFC net banking account you will find similar promotional banners.

Simply click on them and apply for a personal loan in 10 seconds. As you have already submitted the KYC documents and other necessary income proof while opening your HDFC bank account, bank may verify about your financial situation quickly and disburse the loan just 10 seconds. Before that you may check your Personal Loan eligibility in 1 minute using HDFC bank online loan calculator.

But remember that, as 10-Second Loan schemes can good option for you to get some financial help urgently, on the other hand they can cost you huge as the interest rate of such quick loans are generally very high compared to other loans.

So, have you applied for 10-Second personal Loan scheme from HDFC bank? I have already closed my HDFC personal loan and from my experience I can say that taking a personal loan is of the biggest financial trap, as you will end up paying more money on interest, pre-closure penalties etc. If you are in real trouble, then you have no choice. But try to take loan against your LIC policy or PPF account or take help from any of your friends if the amount is not big.

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