How Often Should You Provide Maintenance to your Appliances?

Nowadays, home appliances have made our life so much easier.  From washing machine, dishwasher, oven, to refrigerator, each has its benefits. Like every other appliance, they need proper care and maintenance to function effectively. Cleaning your household appliances will help them to function for a longer time. 

There are some things that you must do now and then to keep them maintained properly. Such as cleaning the dispenser filter, wiping off the spills from the microwave, and emptying the bins. While there are tasks that you can do weekly or monthly. For instance, getting rid of greases, deep cleaning the dishwasher and washing machine. Here is a simple guide on how often you should provide maintenance to your appliances.

Cleaning Refrigerator every 3 Months

Refrigerators are an important part of every home. Any issue with it can trouble you a lot. That’s why proper maintenance is a necessity. You can make the cleaning part easy by wiping up the spills or food as soon as they happen. Further, you can disinfect the handles and controls regularly. Look for the growth of mold and mildew as they spread quickly. 

Moreover, empty the refrigerator by removing shelves and food every 3 months for a thorough cleaning. Dispose of old items and use a microfiber cloth to clean the interior. If you need a review about any household item you must contact Kitchen Appliances UK for the best services.

Cleaning the Dishwasher Monthly

To make sure your dishwasher is free of odor and grease, clean it at least once a month. If you don’t it will start to function poorly. First, empty your dishwasher. Make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda and start cleaning. Make sure to properly clean the drain strainer as well as the rack from debris. If you need more information about appliances, get in touch with Kitchen Appliances UK for honest reviews.

Easy Weekly Oven/Microwave Cleaning

Cleaning microwaves and ovens is an easy job if you clean the stains and spills quite often. If you don’t then the spills harden over time, resulting in a hectic cleaning job. You must take out a few minutes every week and clean them so they can work perfectly. All you have to do is cut some lemon slices in a bowl of water and let it heat in the microwave. Further, wipe off the stains and debris.

Cleaning the Dryer Filter

It is advisable to clean the dryer filter after every load. Since they don’t use water, you must empty the lint filter after every laundry. Moreover, clean the moisture sensor monthly with isopropyl alcohol. Moisture disrupts the drying time so taking care of it will ensure your appliance works effectively for a long time.


In conclusion, there are many appliances that you use nearly every day. For instance, dishwashers or dispensers. If you don’t pay much attention to them, they’ll smell bad or stop working. That’s why you need to maintain them regularly. Similarly, ensure you take care of every appliance to avoid costly repairs in the long run.

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