How to Book Cheap Air / Flight Tickets in India 2018

Want to know how to book cheap air tickets in India? In the recent times the prices of air or flight tickets has gone up significantly high. The major reasons behind these price hikes are increase in Jet fuel, increase in GST (goods and services tax), user development fee etc. But if you can remember the days of Air Deccan when ticket was offered at a price of Rs 1 /- only (base fare). At that time the high competition among low cost airlines gave Indian travellers a huge relief in ticket price point of view.

But right now you may not get such offers regularly as Air Deccan and Kingfisher in not live. For that reason the competition has reduced a bit. However, in recent times, Spice Jet have surprised everyone with some great domestic flight offers. But you have to be lucky to get such an offer based up on your plan. Let’s checkout how you can book cheapest domestic flight tickets online.

Tips to book cheap domestic flight tickets in India

Anyway there is no such tip or trick with which you can purchase anything in cheap price. But you should be aware of the things which might provide you the best deal in current times. Let’s try to find out few such points here.

1) The very first thumb rule while booking a flight ticket is – book early to save huge. That’s a golden thumb rule. If you know that you will be travelling after 2-3 months then book accordingly.

2) Most of the people prefer to book tickets from online portals. Major flight ticket portals operating in India are,, etc. Sometimes you might get a superb offer. But generally the price they mention on their portal is not different from that airline’s website as well.

But still people prefer to book from them. But the point here is that, in case you want to cancel or re schedule your booking, in that case such portals will charge you some extra amount beyond the regular fees. That you should verify before booking any tickets by reading their terms and condition.

3) In case you book directly from that Airline portal, you can get the best service easily. Let’s say you have cancelled your trip by 4 months. In such a case you might want to keep the ticket in open status. For such situations, you can directly contact them without going via any other portal.

4) Besides trusting the big names always, you can also do some analysis. There are many such small websites from where you can get best deals. Explore the internet or ask your friends whether they know about such or not.

Recently I have booked 2 tickets from I found around Rs 1000/- less per ticket while booking. Please not that, this is not a promotional post. I heard about this website from my sister and tried once. There might be many such websites offering good deals.

5) Check out for concession or some discount you may get or not. If you are studying in college then you might get student concession. If your kid is less than 2 years then also you can get a huge discount for your kid’s ticket. There might be some other discounts for senior citizens and people from Indian army etc. So be aware whether you can avail such benefits and then look for which Airline is providing such benefits.

6) Try to subscribe the air ticket websites via email id or mobile number to get any of their future offer alerts in your mail box or through SMS. This is one of the best way to get notifying about the cheap air tickets.

7) Last point here I want to mention is, be ready with a credit card to shop online. As most of the time great deals come online only. And it is generally tough to visit nearby airline office and book a ticket from there due to our hectic daily life schedule. Check out the price properly, check whether any extra charges are applicable or not (like airport development fees, some insurance etc.) and then proceed.

So now you know how to book cheap air tickets in India. Hope these tips will increase the awareness and you will be careful while booking your tickets online. After all it’s your money only. Please feel free to share this article with your friends and family and help them to book the cheapest air ticket online.

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