How To Build an Email List With OptinMonster 2019 (Beginners Guide)

How To Build an Email List

Email subscribers are Real assets. Because sending an email is a more personalized thing than posting an update on Facebook or Twitter. So it is always advised to Build your list from Day 1. So I thought of giving you some tips which help you in building an email list fast.

There are a lot of plugins available as free or paid, with which you can easily start building an email list. As a beginner, MailChimp is the best way to start your email list. They offer free subscribers up to 2000 which is amazing.

But you need a lead generation tool who can help you to understand users behavior and capture emails from different places. Just simply putting a signup newsletter box is not working anymore. You need a Lead generation software like OptinMonster to do this perfectly.

Design: Create Clean and Attention-Grabbing subscription forms

It’s a well-known fact that your visitors have a very little attention span. So, you have a lot to do within this little span of time. And when we think of Grabbing user attention, Design plays a key role.

Good news is, you can Easily build an Eye-Catchy form easily with Optinmonster form Builder. Go ahead and create one by keeping the following things in mind:

  • Design a Simple and minimalist form instead of a fancy one. Use Attractive colors, Big fonts, and Big buttons
  • Use as fewer fields as possible (preferably just Email address). Less typing = more signups.

build email list

Check out the pop-up form in QuickSprout – Simple form and Strong call-to-action

Use an Effective Call-to-Action

Call-to-Action (CTA) are common, the phrases that make a person perform an action like Buying a product, Subscribing, etc., A strong CTA can create an urge in people, thus getting you more subscribers. So its a big part of the design. So make your CTA short and powerful and also that clearly mentions the benefit of subscribing.

Link from everywhere

If you already have a landing page, no worries. If you don’t, just create a new Post/page mentioning the Topics your blog covers and Embed an Optinmonster subscription form with a good Call to action. Now, this makes your landing page.

Now link to this landing page from all possible place like Social media like:

  • Link to Signup button on your Facebook page
  • Place the link in your Email signature
  • Pin the post with the link to this page on your Twitter profile

Be Meaningful, Be Purposeful

Take an instance of yourself reading a blog. Would you subscribe to that blog?

Depends, right? Depends on what benefit you will get by subscribing. You simply don’t subscribe because a popup asks you to subscribe. There must be a PURPOSE.

You should provide your visitor with a purpose (a gift), which may be :

  • Obviously, publishing Informational and useful posts in the future.
  • Offer a freebie like an Ebook/ a Webinar or a Tool/Service regarding your TOPIC.
  • Sending exclusive information on the TOPIC, which is only available to subscribers.

And don’t forget to mention this PURPOSE or benefit in your Call-to-action.

Turn-on Exit-intent feature

One of the Killer features of Optinmonster, the Exit-intent technology.

What it actually does is, it detects when the user was about to leave your site and shows a popup to Subscribe.

It is easy to activate, just go to Display rules tab while creating new opt-in and enable the option On Exit-intent.

How this option can increase your subscribers is it converts a reader into a subscriber, which you may have lost otherwise.

And compared to other popups, an Exit-intent popup is very less distractive as it doesn’t interrupt while a reader is reading.

Keep Experimenting – A/B Split testing

It is not something like “One Size Fits All

The strategies that worked for others may not work for you. So don’t blindly stick to other’s strategies. Keep experimenting. And Optinmonster has a really capable A/B testing system, which it calls by name A/B Split testing.

Its easy use too, you just have to click split test button and Optinmonster creates the exact copy of that optin/form, so you can revert back if things didn’t work later. Also, the main part, it compares each option of your Optin and tells you which works best for you.


So just stop the Guesswork, change the Design, Titles, Call-to-Actions, etc., and see which gives you maximum subscribers. Keep experimenting until you get the Best.

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